Yesterday’s Cherry Blossom Fun with Fox 5 DC & Friends

H hi friends! Happy Friday ~

I thought I’d just give you some fun from hanging out with Fox 5 DC for peak bloom at the national tidal basin, the US mecca for cherry blossoms. Yayyy!! It’s certainly counted as another kawaii achievement!

How’d This Happen?!

Wednesday, I was leaving the chiropractor and got a call from Art Whino’s owner, Shane.
You remember my Art Whino friends, right?!

He was asking if anyone from the DC KawaiiStyle community would like to hang out, share about Japanese street fashion (it’s a pity that people only know cosplay here huhuhu), and help promote Cherry Blast.

What’s Cherry Blast you ask?! … Check it out here!

I am happy to share that I am a participating artist again this year. And just when you thought it couldn’t be topped … Art Whino does this! ^^

On such short notice and a couple Facebook blasts, a few friends were able to come out. I’m so thankful!

We had a blast! I think it was probably more fun than we’d expected for it to be so early in the morning. But alas, it’s the little things ~♡

So here we are, at 8:45 am Thursday morning with Fox 5 DC.

Imani K. Brown
my kawaii kei co-ord

2016-03-24 09.22.44

selfies under the blossoms while we wait ^^

2016-03-24 09.03.16

2016-03-24 08.52.44

view of the other side from the Jefferson Memorial … looking for Dagan ^^

2016-03-24 09.39.09
why she so cute tho 😩😫😭

We found Dagan! She’s a lolita who was visiting with us from LA. We were supposed to meet-up for breakfast and girl time the frilly way, but of course our schedules wouldn’t let us be great. So she came to kick it with us early in the AM too! <3

So happy we got to spend time.

2016-03-24 10.19.49
But a vendor had Katydids!! So long my cute girlish figure 😩😫😭
2016-03-24 10.16.46
Metro map says … you are HERE!

2016-03-24 10.16.53

2016-03-24 10.16.55
she’s not supposed to have candy but can’t resist the Katydids *evil laugh*
2016-03-24 09.50.09
otsukaresama desu ~

BUT! Before I leave you, here’s a super cute video from my friend Fairy Aylin. We’ll be doing more together in the future, but for now … please ENJOY ~

kawaii Imani K. Brown & Tucker from Fox 5
haha #INKPLAY customer Greg snapped it!

Happy Friday everyone and don’t forget to paint your day BRIGHT! ^^

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