World Emoji Day + Celebrating Emojis That Make My Heart Go Doki Doki

Hi かわいい+ creative family! I’m super excited cuz it’s WORLD EMOJI DAY 🎉🎊🥳

Last time I celebrated emojis this hard I was making Yami kawaii art for the The Emoji Art Show🎨world emoji day, yami kawaii art

But emojis are my jam as an introvert so why not share in some love

and celebrate ^.^

I’ll be tattooing today so I can’t really NOT talk. It’d be HELLA difficult to doodle emoji moods all day haha

So let’s celebrate with a blog and (later) an IG post, shall we ~

WTF IS World Emoji Day

world emoji day, Ayami kawaii
Ippie-chan says paint your day bright!

I’m pretty sure you’re all WTF is world emoji day so here it is ~

World Emoji Day is an unofficial holiday celebrated on 17 July. Deemed a global celebration, it’s the day we do our best to communicate with only emoji.

Back in 2014, this was the brainchild of Jeremy Burge. He’s the London-based founder of Emojipedia. And funny enough, for the first World Emoji Day, he didn’t even have any formal plans put in place. The only important thing was the date, 17 July because that is the way the calendar emoji is shown on iPhones 📅

Pretty cool huh?!

Branded with Emoji

world emoji day, kawaii
Yes! I still journal but it’s a self-care thing for me and I don’t share much atm, but I’ll be back!

Ok, so we already covered this but I’m an introvert. And sometimes my thoughts aren’t worth a whole word or a few … a mood will suffice. Or even a simple acknowledgment. That’s where emojis come into play for me.

They’re so important to my communication but wtf am I saying?


This is my general signature  and highlights speaking points or guided thoughts on social media. I chose these 3 pink icons because pink + the things that represent me:

🌸 ・renewal


💖・ softness

Meanwhile, if you keep scrolling you’ll find these bb’s ~


world emoji day, kawaii
I REALLY leaned into this reminder when I was grieving the loss of my dad the hardest

These lil’ bb’s, wen combined mean Paint Your Day Bright!

It was the reminder I needed as I navigated grieving my Dad’s transition. But I also wanted to make sure other people got that same empowering reminder!

As a mental health and wellness advocate, I recognize that you don’t always have to know what someone is going through to wish them well. In fact on any given day we’re all going through something.

It’s just some days your shit may be heavier than mine or vice versa.

So my business is injected with a kind reminder for you AND me.

Thank you for hanging out with me on what may be one of my favorite days to recognize. I DO have a list so there will be more days to celebrate together to come ^.^

I hope you enjoyed.

world emoji day, kawaii
Grab a Paint Your Day Bright sticker pack. Let’s celebrate World Emoji Day together!

And as always, thanks for reading!  ^.^

Gambare, minna
Imani (イマーニ)

Let’s keep in Touch!


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