Hanging with Little Kawaii Creatives at Wellness Day (Event Report)

Hi かわいい + creative family! How goes it this FriYAY?

Last week was an AWESOME kawaii creative time with my kids at E.L. Haynes’ Wellness Day ^.^

Every year gets better … this year, kids of all ages showered me with sharing their creative dreams and visions *eek!*

I generally teach all three levels with intentional content that will STICK!
(Check out our past Wellness days together)

The great thing was seeing the fruits of that crafting of content labor this year. So many students remembered me by NAME (first, middle initial, and last name 🙀)

So many hugs, updates on school progress and so much more. I swear it’s a truly magical time ~

Here’s some photo spam to enjoy from our adventures together ^.^

Keep reading past to the end for a super special moment I was honored to have <3

Enjoy ~

Shout to My Manga Middle Schoolers!

Original Characters

This year, my middle schoolers got to create characters, individually, or manga

Ms. Dis + Ms. Evil + Ms. Milkshake ^.^
the unicorn gang loves YOU!
here’s a close-up of Ruby + kawaii companion
And there’s the ever kawaii Soshi-Yang + kawaii companion Zang-Ying (a super kawaii genie *whhaaaaa*)
Lobster Man + Big Boy (he hadn’t named the first character yet ^.^)
a cool super Lil’ Shop o’ Horrors hero manga (too bad he was too young to know about the movie huhuhu) + some Snorlax love to chillax ~
an éveil mouse + mouse ninja panel
watching the Two-Faced Man come together was crazy! they’re going to try to finish the remaining panels ^.^

Some YUME Arts + Entrepreneurship Action for Elementary + High Schoolers !

I always talk to my elementary and

learning about Daruma (Japanese wishing doll) + dreams <3
her dream tho y’all! and she’s gonna go so far <3
a kawaii robot Daruma ~
these were so bold and beautiful I LOVE them all
simple + clean + cute!
I found a doodler among my 3rd graders <3 so we doodled together and talked dreams. here’s what she created … all hers!
amazing how these faces capture the kids’ personalities. this Daruma’s creator was humble but every time I looked up there was a smile on his face … a face of satisfaction with his dreams <3

Special Moments with Faruq!

Happy Good FriYAY y’all! ^.^

Gambare, minna
Imani (イマーニ)


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