TNS Tattoo, My Tattoo Family ♡

Strolls on to this post singing 🎤🎶 rollin’ wit da homies~ 🎶 … Staring match with Nao-san at dinner. 10906050_10153018341937835_1220542781869128500_n1

Who’s gonna blink first?! 😀

There is so much to share about my experiences since with TNS Naokisince I have been actively visiting Japan. There isn’t much to say … verbally (everything would just be photobombs because words do it no justice) except that we met two years ago and in tattoo life, it’s been magic ever since. ^^ I had no idea that meeting Naoki would turn into me having an entirely supporting me, an extended tattoo family of epic proportions! Keep reading ~

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