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Oh hey now! Happy happy Friday minna~

How’s the week been treating you? Are you at TGIF or sad that there’s no more?! Or maybe you’re like me and still have one more day to kill before you can bask in the glory of regrouping.

This post is short, no worries. I am just amped that I am coming along with my portfolio and blog reorganisation. If you haven’t seen my journey thus far, check out my massive #supportLIPS reorganisation and duties from last month that I decided to do instead of focusing on tattoo Tuesday 😅 and my Pinterest organisation here.

Now, there was a need to focus on my portfolios.

If you are an artist or considering any type of creative career, portfolios are of the utmost importance. I started my creative career in the (semi) stone age LOL so I am more old school and hands on. I like to turn pages and touch the art. So most of my successful portfolios are the tangible ones.

Digital portfolios can get messy and out-of-order easy. I have never been a fan of them, personally and always took them for granted. But here I am, now updating my art and professional methods to the digital age. It was a lot of work since I didn’t take much of my online life serious for a very long time!

So if you’re anything like me, I highly recommend starting your online portfolio and digital organisation sooner than later. Okay!

Since blogging and sharing more, I find it important to have my professional portfolios existing separate from my blog space in case people don’t want to shuffle through my personal things, kawaii journeys, and learning Japanese. haha However, you can always come and go as you please.

I’m still new to this so there’s no super fancy how-to post. I love feedback so if you decided to visit the ‘folios please feel free to share some constructive criticism. If it helps your organising in any way, of course I’d love to hear about that achievement too! Just email me.

Without further babbling, here is a quick tour of my organisation and how you can get access to my spiffy new portfolios, in case you’re interested in my work. 😀




Little INKPLAY Shop | by ipukekawaii・Where tattoos and kawaii life meet, is my professional tattoo portfolio. The real atelier of Little INKPLAY Shop’s (physical) space is an empowering private tattoo studio & kawaii culture hub. However until the space is available (check out #suppportLIPS & donate!) and fully functioning for us, I present my pro site.

Here you can view my tattoo portfolios, get the latest tattoo related news and book your appointments here.

recommendation: visit the about section for more about Little INKPLAY Shop concept


homepage LIPS copy

・home page・

News on the Homepage LIPS copy

・news & updates・
is always available on the homepage for your convenience

recommendation: visit the about section for more about Little INKPLAY Shop concept ~

tattoo portfolio copy


・portfolios are arranged by my preferred styles・
you can always refer to images from my site to communicate style, placement, or idea she choosing to book me

Art& Illustrations

IP Brand logo2

I.P. Brand (ă‚€ăƒƒăƒ”ăƒŒăƒ–ăƒ©ăƒłăƒ‰) Ink & Art Creative House my multifaceted kawaii tattoo lifestyle brand focused on kawaii empowerment through art. Here, I offer original art & accept commissions, kawaii street wear & accessories (#staytuned~), tattoo design services and consultation.

Of course, you can click the link and continue on from here to Little INKPLAY Shop if tattoos is what you seek!

homepage IP Brand copy・home page・

recommendation: check out the kids art exploration to see how #KAWAIIindaHood uses art and culture to engage you ~

news on the homepage IP Brand copy

・news & updates・
is always available on the homepage for your convenience

Art portfolio copy

・main portfolios are sectioned by collection for easy viewing・


If you’re on my blog, it’s EASY! Just choose art or tattoos and it’ll take you right there. Kawaii will take you to DCKawaiStyle, but there will be more about that in later days. <3 You can also find easy access from the side bar in case you’re super engaged in reading here. 😀

IF you hop to a site and need to hop back, aside from the obvious (back button) you can just hit the blog and viola! you’re back here again.

Of course, you can also toggle between the two portfolios and even head out to explore more from the #supportLIPS Fund project.

ipukekawaii copy

If you have a heavy load between your creative life and blogging, how do you organise and present yourself online?

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7 thoughts on “Three Cheers for More Organization! | Art & Tattoo Portfolios 💕✹

  1. My digital pictures are all over my computer. I have nearly twice as many folders as I need. I keep telling myself to ‘get organized’, and every once in a while I actually work on it.

    1. Hi hi Michelle! Yup. I get that work strategy, for sure. In fact I enjoy it that way. As long as basics are in place, I can stash things when I’m good & ready.

      Do you so long as it works! GAMBARE! ^^

  2. Wow that’s amazing work! You are very talented. I love the array of colors also that you use also. I have a buddy who’s a graphic designer who’d love to see your stuff. I’m going to share this post with him!

    1. OMG Nayrha thank you so much. I’m glad you enjoy it. Colors have been a huge part in my mental health therapy so I stay close to those that create positive feelings for me. Even if no one reads my content, my hope is that those emotions come through and make someone else happy too.

      I hope they made you happy 😀 Also thanks for sharing with your friend. Please tell him to stop by any time <3 I'd be happy to connect and befriend a fellow creative. ^^

  3. You are very talented! Once you are digitally organized it should take little time to maintain. The problem that I have is with keeping photos maintained. I end up making so much extra work for myself.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Bismah! Yea, it’s already working in terms of time to maintain. 😀
      I totally understand about the photos too. Connecting dropbox to my iPhone & having it on my desktop for some quick photo dumps has been gold! Aside from art though, I don’t bother organising photos until stuck on my 13 hour flights haha

      Good luck finding a system that works for you. GAMABRE~!

  4. Very arisici you are gal and wow what colours…tell the truth am too chickin for a tat…no needles near my bod Ta very much. But I love to look My SIL has 3 and she wants more lol !

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