The Kawaii + Creative Kwanzaa Goals Challenge & Making Zawadi (The Art Basket Drive)

Authentic empowerment is knowing that you are on purpose, doing God’s work peacefully and harmoniously.

~Dr. Wayne Dyer

Hi kawaii family old and new!

Happy holidays and how are you?!

Kwanzaa starts next Tuesday!

So I thought I’d swing thru with an update of all the festivities!!! *woot*

I’m so excited! (I think I covered that last post 😅)

But really … it’s one of 4 of my favorite times of year ^^ (I’ll share more about the other 3 times later LOLz)

Kwanzaa excites me, not only because 3 of the principles are MY name (Imani Kuumba Nia) or because I have celebrated all of my life … literally. BUT because I get to do a thorough self-evaluation and business check-up.

I get to be reminded of all the good and creativity in the world, reconnect with my kinsfolk community, and greet the new year with a sound mind and spirit ^.^

This year, I am hosting a Creativepreneur Facebook LIVE to share my method of using rites + ritual and goals, together, as a grounding method for building an authentic brand.

I’m even creating a workbook! ^.^

My activity partner is DoCoJo U mentee (& my accountability partner), Francesca of the emerging Conaté Communiqué. Of course there’ll be more about her brand builds in the (near) future. But for now …


12/21 (Thurs), 2PM

And from now until January 2nd, I am collecting art supplies to make Zawadi (gifts) for kids.

This year, I thought I’d start with art baskets that will be given out at my studio’s first Friday art party in January ~

[ANNOUNCEMENT: DC KawaiiStyle + Little INKPLAY Shop Holiday Zawadi] 


Get amped …

and don’t forget to join us THIS THURSDAY, 2PM!

Gambare, minna


Love, Imani (イマーニ)

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