Perseverance Tattoo Exhibit & Matcha Tea Time

Perseverance: Japanese Tattoo Tradition in a Modern World explores the artistry of traditional Japanese tattoos along with its rich history and influence on modern tattoo practices in this groundbreaking photographic exhibition.

Curated by Takahiro Kitamura, photographed &designed by Kip Fulbeck

Perseverance features the work of seven internationally acclaimed tattoo artists, Horitaka, Horitomo, Chris Horishiki Brand, Miyazo, Shige, Junii, and Yokohama Horiken, along with tattoo works by selected others.

What a glorious day trip! Honestly, I do not even know where to start with this exhibit. It originally debuted at Japanese American National Museum and I was going to be silly enough to pay to get there BEFORE a 3 month trip to Japan. It would have been well worth going for broke for, however, I couldn’t rub enough nickels together to make a plane ticket … So I stalked the exhibit online though all types of social media platforms and lived vicariously though friends who were able to get there! I think the tattoo Gods were pleased with my efforts and decided to throw me a bone, making the show far more accessible to my home location as they announced that the exhibit would be traveling soon and it’s first stop was Towson. But wait! I don’t have a car … *sigh* Not to worry though! If I was never taught anything more lucrative in life, I was always taught that “a closed mouth don’t get fed” so I would have to speak up and ask for assistance. It’s truly NOT easy for anyone who is not used to asking for help … but when you want it bad enough, I swear you throw ALL caution to the wind (& that’s a little something I’m working on to reach my desired dreams soon, so no time like the present to practice, yea?!) One of my super adorable clients offered to take me though her schedule is just as hectic as mine.
2015-03-23 11.39.20
I was a bit leery about accepting, but hey! 1. beggars canNOT be choosers (well, we can within reason, I think) and 2. we work together on other projects, so a getting to know you day trip wouldn’t be so bad in that respect, either. That said, a week ago, Monday, we made a day of it! First stop … PERSEVERANCE!  
2015-03-23 11.29.27 giant poster by Shige
2015-03-23 11.18.29 2015-03-23 11.18.58
2015-03-23 11.21.53 2015-03-23 11.23.01
2015-03-23 11.23.15 2015-03-23 11.23.20
2015-03-23 11.25.04 2015-03-23 11.25.07
2015-03-23 11.25.11 2015-03-23 11.27.05
2015-03-23 11.27.42
2015-03-23 11.42.43
2015-03-23 11.29.34 2015-03-23 11.32.30
2015-03-23 11.32.51 2015-03-23 11.32.56
2015-03-23 11.39.32
2015-03-23 11.44.58
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After a great time at the exhibit Terra & I decided to drive a few minutes out to explore Ellicott City and it’s newest gem, Matcha Time Cafe. So cute and tucked in a quiet, old-town style mini shopping centre cluster, I was happy to finally get here … I have heard so many amazing things!!!! <3
2015-03-23 12.50.11
2015-03-23 13.27.09 2015-03-23 12.58.50
2015-03-23 13.06.35 2015-03-23 13.06.47
It was Monday, MATCHA MONDAY! (yaaayyy!!!!! *confetti fell from the sky when you read that haha*) So any matcha was 20% off the price. YUM! 😛
2015-03-23 13.34.42
2015-03-23 13.15.50 2015-03-23 13.25.31 2015-03-23 13.38.08 2015-03-23 13.07.35
Lunch is served. Cucumber rolls & inarizushi, miso soup, and sweet matcha with soy. Oishkatta yo!!!!!!!
The gift shop was literally SO CUTE! I wanted to buy everything … even the things that I don’t collect. Alas, I had to control myself … but I’ll be back! *evil grin*
2015-03-23 13.06.29 2015-03-23 13.06.25 Manekineko →まねきねこ→招き猫 Lucky Cat very popular Japanese luck item *nyyan!*
2015-03-23 12.57.43
*afufufu* The Doctor needed me *tee hee* I was super excited to find these cups nestled here … and it’s Daleks!!! I LOVE Daleks!!!! I wanted it but forgot to pick one up before we split. *cries uncontrollably* The Dalek & Tardis salt & pepper sjaker tho … I got that. Well, like already had in my home & I display them with my Doctor Who toys. *CHEESE* **ok! I digress *sigh***
2015-03-23 12.53.12 2015-03-23 12.53.21
2015-03-23 12.52.54
And Kokeshi & daruma EVERYWHERE!!!!! Kokeshi→こけし→小芥子 (traditional Japanese wooden dolls, with no arms or legs) Daruma→だるま→達磨 (traditional handmade Japanese wishing doll)
2015-03-23 12.53.00
and so much more! *eek!* SO CUTE!!!!!
2015-03-23 12.52.40 2015-03-23 12.52.23
2015-03-23 12.52.17 2015-03-23 12.52.14
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Needless to say, it was a great day well spent and filled with artistic inspiration! I have to say one more thank you to my lovely hostess/ chaperone for finding time to help make this happen! <3
2015-03-23 14.56.06

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