Tattoo Time with IKB | Aaron’s Phoenix 1/2 Sleeve

Good morning and happy Thursday minna-san ~ *waves happily* Thought I would swing past with a recap of Tattoo Tuesday over at #supportLIPS blog. As promised, via my Instagram, this week’s tattoo Tuesday was a recap of last week’s intense two-day session with a returning client. BUT before we get to the meat and potatoes there, let me hip you to some friendly reminders 😀 I am NOW BOOKING for two very important pivots My goal is to connect with dope people with amazing tattoo ideas so please do not let a moment for some creative tattooing pass you by! April Private Appointments
reading suggestion: check out Aaron’s periscope interview there about the meaning of his tattoo. tattoo tip: IF you don’t know where to start for visualising your tattoo, simply think of what it does or will mean to you ~

Now that’s out the way, let’s get on with this blog post … shall we see Aaron’s session?! 😀

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