Tattoo Talk Tuesday + Moshi Moshi Tattoo Tour

Hi かわいい + creative family!

Happy Monday ~

Can we start having a regular Tattoo Talk?!

Cuz you NEED my tattoo philosophy. TRUST!

And …

OMG! I’m having so much fun planning my first solo tattoo tour ~

Keep reading ’til the end for more about my stops and how you can book a session with me while I’m out + about.


Tattoo Talk

Right now, I am super focused on my IG Lives – weekly Tattoo Talk Tuesday coffee chats. (Sorry for the looonnnggg title I’m still deciding what to officially call ’em LOL) But my, my how far I’ve come in a month!

Look at dat line up!

kawaii tattoo talk
Join me on IG LIVE (@ipukekawaii) EVERY Tuesday @ 10A & Let’s Talk TATTOO!

And it’s already time for my first IG Live Getting To Know YOU wrap up.

So be sure to come hang out and tell me ’bout yourself.


Now … for some photo spam ^.^

Tattoo Photo Shoot Recap

I’m editing pics from my kawaii tattoo photo shoot and thought I’d share some photo spam with you while taking a tiny break ^.^

kawaii tattoo talk
Nikkia doing what she does best <3
kawaii tattoo talk
Sleeve action + photo review

Next steps to decompressing al of this is to send pics to participating customer friends

kawaii tattoo talk
You can’t see, but her earring say ‘Professional Black Girl` #swag! ^.^
Tribe Vibes + Tattoo Talk <3

COME VIBE WITH ME + Let’s Talk Tattoo <3

One of my absolute favorite humans! ^.^
we’ve grown together through a marriage, four babies, and a ten year anniversary. Happy (belated) wedding anniversary Maxine ^.^

I’m not sure the next steps just yet … BUT looking forward to more tattoo talk as I organize to share their healing tattoo experiences.

Otsukare ~ (we got ramen after to decompress haha)

While I finish editing pics, be sure to go watch the doc series – made with love and your skin in mind.

Here’s more about the tour ~

Moshi Moshi Tattoo Tour

I’m hitting the road to share my tattoo philosophy about tattoo being a healing rites of passage, hand to hand!

PLUS you get to have your own personal experience when you book a session. So be sure to do dat!

I can’t wait for more tattoo talk and be sure to look out for an upcoming guest blog post on Black Girls Love Tattoos. Where I’ll break down 3 points to my philosophy.

I’ll also be dropping some affiliate codes soon for Quirkcon (since that’s among my first stops in May) and updating what kawaii cons & J-Fashion meets I’ll be swinging thru while on the road.

kawaii tattoo artist
first stop, JAPAN! And I an’t wait <3

Welp! Off to the races for the week and thanks always for reading.

I hope we get to create together , soon.

Gambare, minna
Love, Imani (イマーニ)

Let’s keep in Touch!


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16 thoughts on “Tattoo Talk Tuesday + Moshi Moshi Tattoo Tour

  1. Wow.. what an experience. Beautiful women and dope ink. I have no tattoos but I love the art. Safe travels to Japan and enjoy!

    1. Thank you thank you!!!! I truly love my tribe 💖💫 And as far as you and tattoo, maybe one day you will Who knows 🤷🏾‍♀️

  2. What I can see is, you are a tattoo artist and you are going on a world tour? I have never gotten a tattoo because I’m scary and don’t like pain. Bravo to anyone who gets them. lol Have fun in Japan, look forward to your recap on your trip.

    1. Hey Tiff. Not quite a world tour – my usual working vacay in Japan and 10 US cities 💖 And don’t be scary – the pain is relative to so many variables but in time maybe you’ll come to find out ^.^ Thank you for the warm words 🙇🏾‍♀️✨

    1. LOL I don’t have plans to tour DC ^.^ I’m from here and my studio – Little INKPLAY Shop’s right outside the lines in Hyattsville Arts District <3

    1. Thanks! I’ve been struggling with a name but I think that’s a good start. People seem to like it, so I guess it stays haha

  3. This is the cutest thing ever. Hajimemashite! Genke desu ka? Watashi was Nicky desu. I lived in Osaka, Japan many moons ago as an English Teacher. First time I’ve heard of a tatoo tour so best wishes to you!

    1. Nicky, Hajimemashite! Iman desk. Arigatou gozaimasu ^.^ Osaka is my 2nd home. Met my beau in transition so that’s the only reason I’m still Stateside haha. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu <3

  4. Your blog is super cute, I love the vibrant and fun energy that you give off. Kudos on the tatoo work, to bad you aren’t coming to the DC area. I would totally and check you out.

    1. Ahhhh Thanks bunches ^.^ And that makes me sad to know … BECAUSE I’M BASED IN DC! 😹 I’m native to DC (Ivy City) & my studio, Little INKPLAY Shop is right outside the lines in Hyattsville. I build my brand from DC to Japan and DC’s 1st & only black female tattoo artist for DC proper 💖 Let’s connect? ^.^

    1. Oh no ma’am. Often ‘they’ whi say it are white artists who don’t know how to work on dark skin. 🙂 I appreciate the love! Thank you 🙇🏾‍♀️✨

    1. THANK YOU so much! It’s my actual practice I just never talk about it 🙂 But it helps many so and a lot of spiritual tattooers are now retreating having shared their mesages, grown in their craft and moved on 😅

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