Tattoo Branding + Telling My Story + Getting UNSTUCK

Hi かわいい + creative family!

Happy Wednesday ^.^

Tattoo brand GOALS, let’s talk about ’em why the frak I’m stuck!

✨👇🏾You see dat six-figure brand strategy?!👇🏾✨

My week started with sending my newsletter ~

it outlined my weekly to-do list of (small) goals and thoughts about being stuck in tattoo marketing and how I’m taking action to getting unstuck.

With all these goals circulating, bet cha never thought that was a thing that’s actually happening huh?!

Well it is!


Understanding My Purpose

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Understanding my purpose has been a journey, as a creative.

I’m a tattoo artist, but much more than that -⠀

Embedded in my DNA is ⠀
an artist⠀
tribe healer⠀
community coordinator.⠀

A leader.⠀
here to inspire creativity, empower you to follow your dreams & challenge your circumstances. ⠀

And I’m looking forward to curating tattoo branding that reflects this ~


Rebuilding + Rebranding in Ink

Recently I’ve been feeling stuck with the reboot of ipukekawaii.Tattoo ~

{Seriously! I did a whole Instagram Live about it for #TATTUESday >.<}

It’s CRAZY because what I’ve learned is that in 15 years of marketing tattoo, I am pooped >.< I’ve literally spent the better part of my career promoting my artistic talent, but I have yet to market my complete self as a tattoo artist, healer and creative.

I know what I want on the other end of things, but …

I feel stagnant + stuck and need a drastic shift in my conversation as it relates to body art. And that’s clouding my judgement of how to get there. How to make what I am trying to convey intentional, impactful, weighted. You know?!

Thankfully,  feels like that mean I have to take action.
So I DID! I reached out to a mentor and PR strategist who I’ve been longing to work with and learned that I’m stuck because I REFUSE to tell my story!

I’m on her calendar as early as next week to get to the goods and already can’t wait to share more as I take the necessary steps to craft + tell my story and GET UNSTUCK!

Until more concrete things happen, be sure to sub the blog for my BTS brand building + intimate thoughts and join me for some IG Live babbles every Tuesday between 10:30 & 11A

See you next update! (FriYAY boo ^.^)

Gambare, minna
Love, Imani (イマーニ)

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