Taiiku  no Hi (Sports Day) Planning Update

Hi friends old and new!

Just swinging thru with some updates while pulling together for our Pokemon-themed Taiiku no Hi (Sports Day).

Planning, crafting and pulling things together has been so much fun!


If you haven’t already, please grab your ticket and come hang out with us!

✨ Taiiku no Hi Planning Update

If I start yelling ” it’s the final countdown” I’ll show my age (haha), but in real life, our first event is  in (less than) three days. 🙂

Here are some of the things we’re pulling together for a fun Taiiku no Hi, our way! ^^

building an army of kawaii scavenger hunt Pika’s & Poke Balls ^^

I even found old name tags from a DC Metro Lolitas tea party meet-up
the gang’s all here!
Are you excited for Pokemon Su & Moon?!
swag bag goodies for our first 10 guests

I still have a full list of duties that include bringing my WiiU, creating the Pokemon kamizumo characters, finalising the Pokemon GO scavenger hunt map and maybe grabbing some rest.

This is probably where I give myself the Gambare ipukekawaii pep talk. 😹😹😹

But it’s all good in the hood! We just want people to come out and enjoy the good vibes over Japanese culture … and Pokemon. 😀

Gambarimasu yo!


P.S. Please don’t forget to grab your tix, the fam, and come have a good time!

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