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The excitement of dreams coming true is beyond the description of words.

Little INKPLAY Shop is my effort to create a successful space where tattoo lifestyle and kawaii (cute) culture intersect.

Little INKPLAY Shop x IKB
Kawaii Dreamin’ of Little INKPLAY Shop

I love the body positive empowerment that receiving a great tattoo (and tattoo experience) can give. I also thoroughly enjoy kawaii empowerment and doing d.i.y. crafting with friends in the name of kawaii-fying my life.

Now, having successfully created a community that introduces kawaii culture to DC, DC KawaiiStyle, I really want to give kawaii a forever home in DC. So, I am working hard now so that some day (soon) we can all have the first kawaii culture hub in the nation’s capitol (DC) to share in.

Hooray for goals!!!! ^^

I can’t imagine a better way to live life and enjoy my career than sharing in two loves that help empower others.

An empowering private tattoo studio and kawaii culture hub … that’s the spirit of Little INKPLAY Shop. =^.^=

Please feel free to visit the #supportLIPS fund site and get involved! <3