My Studio’s 1st Visitor + Our Surprise Sample Class(es)

Hi kawaii + creative family!

Happy Wednesday ~

I’m typing suuuuuper fast because I have to hop to work on some original character illustrations and commission work. I also have to start doing some financial things so that I can do taxes!!!!!

I’m a business owner y’all! <3

BUT I do want to share a super special moment that happened recently.

Before opening my studio, I had the pleasure of meeting Torian. She’s the daughter of Love Your Roots Natural Hair Salon and my business buddy Nicola. <3

She had a day off from school and ended up kicking it in the studio with me … a llllll day ~

I was stoked and she had fun. She also seems to be popping up in my life a lot more often, since that day. So maybe I should introduce y’all … in case she decides she’s sticking around for more D.I.Y. and things. ^.^

Here’s a bit from our first meeting.

Oh! Don’t forget to take the kawaii + creative workshops survey for Little INKPLAY Shop.


I planned to finish and share this but …

Torian found my D.I.Y. candy stash and decided to go in 😺 We did an Instagram LIVE since I’d promised to draw live the day before ~
cola flavored cherries LOL
and a lemon flavoured tree stump LOL
psychedelic D.I.Y. candies 😋mmmmm ~

we took a break from making candy and went Live … again! she’s hooked LOL

here, we’re making Japanese snacks … round TWO!

these weren’t our favs …

Torian now has her “to do” list … of things we MUST do together … and her own journal page <3
she also said that it needs to hang up so that I stay on task for her! I’m not even mad …

What (or who) is new in your creative life?!

Gambare, minna
Imani (イマーニ)

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