A Stroll To My Local Art Store + My Art Haul

Hi kawaii + creative family!

It’s Friday and DC’s weather has been BEAUTIFUL the past few days!

I’m so happy and needed to take a break from building ~

So I decided to take a light stroll to the art store …

My studio’s neighborhood has an art store! The cutest, funnest (← not a real word 😹) art store ever!

I felt like I was at my love, Sekaido.

Here’s some photo-spam from my (short) time there today & my haul. Can’t believe I was so responsible 😳😅😜


I was fove when they were founded … where have you been ALL of my life 😫

those art brands those *ahhhh~*

✨ Window Shopping

Art stores are dangerous for artists, so I stuck to the front of the store and areas related to my specialties. I also kept chatting with the employees at the front when I felt I needed an adult LOL

I’m still building out Little INKPLAY Shop and every penny counts.

So I have to stay focused! K?!

Let’s do this …

oh! Hi!! 👋🏾👋🏾👋🏾

and Hello there!
and just why …
are there so many cute + quirky things … my pockets >.<
seeing Angelus is like running into an old friend ^^
hi old friend! fancy seeing you around <3 check out what I do with Angelus paint in the DIY section here ~
coloring book of popular woodblock print images by one of my fav artist, Hokusai
it’s a pen 😸
I love their organisation .. and ALL the inks! ^^
paper mache letters … what I REALLY came for *muahahahaha* I’m focused tho! I promise <3
a weakness of mine … >.<
I love, love, love Japanese calligraphy brushes. I want to go back to calligraphy class >.<
all my lovely tools … I usually buy in Japan (cheaper haha) but at least I know they’re here ~
my favorite brush pen *cries with praise* I carry one with my Hobonichi, one in my pen case, and keep 3 in the studio … OH! and one at home (keep your judgement LOLz)
it’s like … heaven ☁️☁️🌈
stickers …
and temporary tattoos EVERYWHERE!!!!!

of course they had cute socks with savvy saying and … CATS! 😺

Now … how responsible was I … REALLY?!

✨My Haul

I was SUPER responsible and stayed on task … for the most part ~

of course kawaii stickers are a NEED!
these are my favs! I almost bought a few sets, but I’m adulting … or at least trying to HA!
really?! you can’t judge me for these …
because they’re cute and you KNOW IT!
it’s an off task DIY gift for a studio homie/ slash assistant. I’ll introduce you, soon!
last but not least, I got the letters! they didn’t have more small “i”s so I’ll have to get über crafty. stay tuned for what happens here ~ *hint* this craft project will end up in an instalment Little INKPLAY Shop, So Far ^.^

I’m really proud of myself for only spending $30 ^^

Now to craft away, get these letters ready for hanging, and maybe catch up on some journaling to start my day! 😸✨

Thanks for sharing in an adventure with me ^.^

Gambare, minna
Imani (イマーニ)

Let’s keep in Touch!


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