Official Statement of Separation + 15 Lessons Business Lessons

Toxic relationships are negative, draining, and abusive, and abusive not necessarily in a physical manner but in a mental, emotional, and spiritual manner.

~How Personal Growth Can Uncover a Toxic Relationship

Hi friends old and new!

Happy Monday.

It’s a new week with bright beginnings, especially for me. ^^

With the year winding down, I’m in a reflective and healing moment now.

To stay focused while healing I am recounting 15 lessons I learned.

Can you believe I have been a serious business owner for 6 months now. WOW!

I just left an extremely toxic business relationship – a partnership with my long time and beloved Japanese sensei.

Due to poor business practices that ultimately affected my business (and mental health) I had to pick up and move shop ASAP.

That shared, please know that as of December 1, 2016, I am no longer affiliated with Chika Sugiyama and SCETA Japan Center.

Official Statement of Separation:

Dear Reader

I am recording this notice of non-affiliation because I haphazardly mis-marketed a service to you.

This marketing most likely occurred on social media – via my personal pages/ timelines or in a focused group in the form of a blog post, information share , and/ or video.

In the past year especially; using my name, platforms and business resources, I have marketed Ms. Chika Sugiyama and her business to you as a trusted business and resource.

I have found that is not the case. Our idea of a partnership – complete with qualifiers – has failed. As a result, I have asked that Ms. Sugiyama cease and desist connection to individuals expressly marketed to on her behalf since outlined qualifiers were not met and I was in no way compensated for my marketing services, on her behalf.

Her refusal to oblige has led me to this public notice and legal action.

※Please be advised that any business done with Ms. Sugiyama will be of your own free will and at your own risk, not on my behalf or recommendation.

Thank you for your time and best wishes.

Imani K. Brown
Tattoo Artist/ Illustrator・Kawaii Creative・Brand Specialist


However bad, it wasn’t all bad.

I indulged in a LOT of self-care and trusted all that I have learned in my few months there to make a big move … for the better! (thank you everyone for the love & support)

Most of what I experienced hurt. And without self-care, good friends and a supportive business council, I would have never been able to uncover issues before they got worse.

Needless to say, had I not been able to stop the bleeding fast, it may have sent me back down some extremely dark learning curve paths.

I’m free and clear now, in my space where I can continue to grow, until I outgrow this misstep studio.

So … enough babble. Let’s hop to it!

✨5 Ways I Grew

It’s amazing that you don’t know how much you’ve actually grown. That is … until you’re put to the test.  ^.^

Here are 5 things I found that I better understand now, than 6 months ago ~

creative solitude is great

sometimes you have too many creative ideas and need to be away from it all to quiet your thoughts and put your ideas in order

it is ok to be vulnerable

it doesn’t mean you’re weak … it means you’re human and subject to feels, emotions and needs

your 6th sense is trustworthy

trust your gut! if it doesn’t feel right, it probably deserves a second look or a simple side-eye and keep it pushin’

depending on the kindness of strangers leads to great things

seriously … how would you build a community without being open to this, right?! …

keep YOUR self-care in your front view, always

it’s ok to put promises and efforts aside if they are steering you to hustle backwards. it’s life and it happens. so give yourself permission to put you FIRST. remember … forward, always! ^.^

✨5  Practices I Learned

In business, there are practices to learn and refine and some to throw away.

Here are 5 valuable lessons that I’ve decided are useful practices to better business ~

treat everyone like a stranger

don’t assume everyone operates the same. when partnering, do your homework to see how their business will ultimately affect yours

contracts are your best friend

they can be as awkward as a prenup., but necessary to make sure you’re all on the same page. so protect yourself. no one will blame you for it

the earlier the better!

don’t procrastinate! it will only clutter your life for accepting other opportunities. so get organised and stay on top of it.

a consistent routine is A+

obviously, but you never know how much it helps until you do it. so what are you waiting for?!

a checks & balances system isn’t a bad idea

even as an owner, hold yourself accountable. and if you can’t, find someone who will!

✨5 Ways to Stay Happy

Happiness comes from within. But if stressed, sometimes you need a boost.

These are 5 ways I found to jump-start my happiness when stressed.

learn your happy triggers … and trigger them daily!

create your own world by embracing the quirky things that make you giggle throughout your day.

indulge random self-care

break a monotonous schedule by randomly doing something (unscheduled) for you!

surround yourself with good people

you are the company you keep. so surround yourself with people who complement your true self.

surround yourself with cuteness!

“cute” may be relative, but surround yourself with tangible things that can help keep you grounded.

smile … even if it’s killing you

it takes more muscles to frown than smile. and frowning through unhappy times only causes wrinkles. nobody wants that life.

Of all of this, happiness is most important. So how do you stay happy when stressed? Leave me some comments ^.^

Happy Monday!

Gambare, minna

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