👻 HAPPY HALLOWEEN SpookyLIPS Coloring Book Page 👻

Happy (day before) halloween everyone! Today’s the day for our kawaii pre-Halloween poetry slam. Whooooohooooo~

But wait! There’s more =^.^=

In the spirit of Halloween I started remaking a spookyLIPS logo. However, I got bored colouring and thought it would be awesome to color with other amazingly creative people! So I made a creepy cute Happy Halloween #supportLIPS illustration. Please feel free to color it and share your coloured version with me. The tablet is blank so please include your special spooky message. <3

All mechanics for downloading and sharing are below!

Happy Halloween

Download available HERE

Sharing Mechanics

To share via social media, please like the page (on any account below), post your coloured version & tag me, and use the hashtag #supportLIPS in your description.
Yup! It’s that easy! <3

・Instagram, @ipukekawaii

・Facebook, supportLIPS

・Twitter, @ipukekawaii

・Tumblr, jetadoreikb

I look forward to coloring with you!


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