Snow Days Are GREAT for Productivity!

Three cheers for PRODUCTIVITY!!!!!!! <3

Ok, I’ll start with hi friends! 😛 Now back to cheering. haha


Last time I checked in, aside from Tattoo Tuesday (of course), I shared that we were snowed in for the weekend. I think I was doing my akeome emails

I’m now patting myself on the back because I was able to do a few good things, including ~

・closed a commission (+ tattoo appt)
・started (& almost completed commission)
・started illustration commission
・started (adult) kawaii coloring book
・did week’s schedule/ goals/ to-do’s

I’m also excited that my new business cards came in right on time for this weekend’s tea party and print release event. Check out the deets here, grab a ticket, and come by! <3

2016-01-21 14.50.36

LewIsCKOOLHandstyles Logo Project

Lew (one of my happy customers) and I have worked at this hand style project since August. Early January, we finally had an “ah ha!” moment that helped us seal the deal ~

He’s stopping by the shop Friday for a celebratory #INKPLAY tattoo session! <3



SCETANippon Learn Japan Poster

I was commissioned by my Japanese teacher, Chika sensei, to do a kawaii poster for an event where she will be presenting. Surprisingly, I was able to crush this in the time that we were snowed in. I predicted a week – 1 1/2 weeks work. This project was SUPER fun!

can’t WAIT to share all things Chibi Maruko-chan with you guys ^^

1SCETA (8x10-rgb) 2SCETA (8x10-rgb)

boom! she’s got two styles to choose from ^^

DOODLESfor Projects

A lot of my projects recently start with doodles. That shared, I also started some new projects and added to other 2016 creative productivity projects ~


Terra and I are working on a secret kawaii project so I started a new sketchbook


#100manekineko sketches for 2016 where I’m clocking how often I draw lucky cats LOL


working on more girlfriend/ boyfriend art with my beau


Please don’t forget to grab your tickets for this weekend’s tea & art party fun! If you can’t make it out to Chaplin’s,prints will also be available online next Tattoo Tuesday! Please #staytuned~ <3



What’s your productivity looking like, lately?!ipukekawaii.gif

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  1. Hello , I am totally fascinated with your amazing article. I love tattoos and loved your illustration 🙂

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