Recent Self-Care Haul + Remembering my Grann

Hi kawaii family old and new!

And HELLO kawaii self-care! I need you now more than ever ~

Remember I told you that recently we’d been taking care of my Grann?

Well, sad to say, but she passed a few days later. She was 99 years old. 😺

BUT there’s nothing to mourn about. My old lady (← our nicknames for each other) lived an AWESOME and inspiring life.

I’ll circle back later and share more about my grain and her amazing life lessons. ^.^

But for now, here are my favorite images from our very last moments together. <3

rest easy Old Lady. I love you ^.^
handwritten notes of love
recycled and paid forward to those still suffering

I have no $$$ to take off for family emergencies or anything like that.
(it’s a new business… so it’s like a baby LOL)

So to get through the rough patch and keep my mind focused, I grabbed a mini zen garden.

Check it out!

the kit includes a base, rake, sand …
miniature temples …
garden rocks …
and a cute miniature dancing crane.
putting it all together 💪😅
and now I’m ready to meditate
super kawaii, ne?! ^.^

How do you stay focused in not-so-colourful times?!

Gambare, minna

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3 thoughts on “Recent Self-Care Haul + Remembering my Grann

  1. Your attitude towards your gran’s passing is really nice, I try to think of things that way too – celebrate the impact she had rather than mourning too much. It’s tough but I hope you’re doing okay!
    Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog, I’m glad to have discovered yours – so adorable! I love the zen garden but I can’t really have little things in my house because my cats will knock them over/eat them 🙁
    I’ve followed you on Twitter so hope we can connect there 🙂

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