A Sanja Matsuri (3 Shrine Festival) Adventure

Happy Friday friends!

Finally starting to play catch up a bit on my blog. 😀

I wasn’t too sure where to start from my last trip to Japan, so I started with our first full day out and about!

Sanja Matsuri <3

This is my second time there. Unfortunately I am not so swift with my blogging life right now.

So I haven’t even told you the half from my first Sanja Matsuri adventure.

But soro soro da yo! (little by little)

2016-05-15 00.32.52
I’ll still blog “How to Grow Yourself as an International Artist” one day … #staytuned

Sanja Matsuri, 3-Shrine Festival, is one of Tokyo’s three great Shinto festivals. It’s held the third weekend of every May in honor of the spirits of the three founders of Asakusa’s Senso-ji temple.

This year, Design Festa and Sanaj Matsuri collide.

So we could only go for Friday. (soooo thankful! 😩😩😩)

The festival attracts over 1 million people, annually (yikes! >.<) so luckily Friday is a semi-chill day as the festivival’s JUST getting started. ^^

Since Friday is the procession and pays more homage to Edo period (my favorite period of Japanese history) I was happy to experience Sanaja Matsuri this day.

See that grin?! It’s a well-rested, excited Imani … ready to take on Tokyo!!!!! ^^ LEGGO ~

2016-05-13 12.30.23
off to Sanja Matsuri

2016-05-14 09.06.01
we’ve arrived! Hello Thunder Gate! <3
2016-05-13 14.46.33
Nikkia, taking it all in
2016-05-13 14.35.18
Thunder Gate x Kawaii Kimono street snaps
snaps from Asakusa | snapchat @ipukekawaii

2016-05-13 16.21.12
a closer look
2016-05-14 09.05.58
lotus motif
crowded ... but in a good way (I can do this! ^^ )
crowded … but in a good way (I can do this! ^^ )
2016-05-14 09.05.48
Omikuji (fortune) action … my fav! ^^

yakisoba lunch
yakisoba lunch

cola x peach shaved ice
cola x peach shaved ice
2016-05-13 16.23.56
getting the mikoshi ready
2016-05-14 09.07.31
walking the streets of Asakusa
neko (cat) hand style sticker
neko (cat) hand style sticker

Asahi building x Azuma-Bridge
Asahi building x Azuma-Bridge

It was a good day, indeed! ^^ I'm ready to conquer Design Festa Tomorrow (update, that is haha) <3
It was a good day, indeed! ^^ I’m ready to conquer Design Festa Tomorrow (update, that is haha) <3

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Gambare, minna
Imani (イマーニ)

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