Celebrating Sakura Season at Cherry Blast 2015

Hi hi friends, old & new!

Today, I am working on Cherry Blast things and updating my art portfolio with shows from 2015. So I thought I would share this art with you sooner than later.

Early last year,  I was invited back to Art Whino’s Cherry Blast group show and decided to share my Nakayoshi collection that I had worked on. I am proud of this collection and hope to carry it for 2015-2016, making more wares for sale from the original art.

2015-03-23 07.43.21 copy

cb-01 copyAbout Cherry Blast:

The National Cherry Blossom Festival partners with Art Whino for visual programming throughout the night. Art Whino curates a massive group art show featuring cherry blossom-inspired pieces, all available for purchase with proceeds going to support the National Cherry Blossom Festival. More here

Nakayoshi Collection, 2015-2016

This collection is inspired by friendship, kindness, and spreading love the kawaii way. Nakayoshi in Japanese means friend or buddy. So I chose to do mash-ups of my favorite Edo period Japan traditional and iconic symbols that I subscribe to for good fortune and staying focused:

  • manekineko, a popular Japanese lucky charm that invites happiness. It is said that one with it’s right paw raised invites money & the left paw raised invite people
  • daruma, a traditional handmade Japanese wishing doll & a symbol of good luck and  that keeps us focused on achieving our goals! Traditionally, you fill one in while wishing and the other once your wish comes true.
  • kokeshi, wooden handmade dolls that lack arms or legs. The bottom is marked with the signature of the artist. They are exchanged among friends with written messages stored within them as tokens of friendship.

pssst: I told you here that they seem a lot in my life and probably will appear a lot in my art and blogs. haha

All (new) pieces are acrylic and marker on wood. Sweet (amai) nakayoshi friends also have sugar confetti as their sweet toppings. <3

2015-04-26 08.07.37 copy

Amma (Cupcake) Manekineko-chanNakayoshi

this adorable lucky cat LOVES to get along with cupcakes, one day he ate too many and became one *oops!*

2015-04-26 08.06.37 copyAmma-chanNakayoshi

a kokeshi inspired by the free hugs movement and the hugging saint herself, Mata Amritanandamayi

2015-04-26 08.05.25 copy

Neko Daruma-chanNakayoshi

like the game Hot & Cold, this daruma can take that shape of a cute cat the closer you get to your set goal

2015-04-26 08.06.01 copy

Amma Daruma-chanNakayoshi

this daruma’s sweetness is as a sweet sugar rush when you’re feeling down on your goals and efforts

2015-03-27 21.17.29 copy


Ippie-chan wanted to get dolled up for Sakura matsuri, so she came clean with her oiran headdress and her kawaii friends in waiting~

ipukekawaiix Learn Japan

Chika sensei had a small table of things to promote Learn Japan within my installation. We are hoping to connect her with more Japanese language enthusiasts for private language sessions. 😀

2015-03-26 12.47.28


Enjoying the Art

It’s warming as an artist, to sit back as an on looker and see how people engage with your art. ^^

2015-03-27 20.24.17


Make a new friend … and let’s ALL get a long!

2015-03-27 21.21.50

Instagram achievement unlocked! =^.^=

2015-03-27 21.54.41

Around CherryBlast

2015-03-26 12.37.33

the room’s cherry blossom tree centerpiece installation was NUTS! ya heard?! 0_O

2015-03-26 13.09.41

2015-03-27 19.24.37

it was good night, good vibes … and I look like a street fashion fairy haha

Feel free to peruse my full art portfolio and learn more about my professional brand, IP Brand Ink & Art Creative House.

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