Essential Pinterest Organization COMPLETE!

Hi friends and happy Wednesday! And all hail Pinterest!!!! haha

Today was exciting because of a museum date with my sensei for today’s Japanese session. I will be sure to share more about that later. *pinky swear*

I just wanted to breeze through and share one more thing knocked off this month’s to do list … my Pinterest boards. Yatta!!!! (sowwies … I’m really excited about this Eureka moment). I had to organise them for a future Tattoo Tuesday post about how I use Pinterest and other tools for long distance consultations with #INKPLAY clients.

Naturally, I also organised both my art, #supportLIPS, and kawaii culture efforts.

While working with Kaila on the #supportLIPS site (adventures about that and other recent organisation happen HERE!), she suggested that I organise my Pinterest and start utilising it as a tool. I was already informally using it as a research/ consultation tool, but I was not hip to how powerful a tool it really is. Or maybe I was hip and the dots just didn’t connect. It happens~ >.<

Anywhoo … late to the party, I’m caught up now and I think mama Kaila would be proud. ^^

CurrentPinterest Boards

What do you guys think?


Please stop by and look out for Tattoo Tuesday on the #supportLIPS blog. Let me know if there’s anything of interest that you’d like to read about there. ^^

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