Pile of Smile Art Gala

I got a surprise email while I was in Japan saying “Thank you for agreeing to take part …” Now anyone who knows me knows I keep a pretty tight calendar near me and if I’d given my word on something so adorably important, I would certainly remember. So I panicked, did some research, and sent a reply expressing that I may have been contacted by mistake. In the interim (if I received a reply) I went back and followed the links provided in the original email and immediately thought this is so cool! How can I help?!

Welp! Long story short, I received a super kind reply! <3 I was hipped that a fellow artist & all too cool dude, KeyHan Lee submitted my name as a contact for this. *THANK YOU Key!!!!!! lub you, always~ ♡♡♡ *

So here’s a short share (but picture heavy LOL) about my time at Pile of Smile‘s 1st Annual Art Gala.

2015-06-11 19.10.28

This was so much better than a red carpet event … the carpet was rainbow <3


We sell donated art created by kids, for kids.

All proceeds go to fulfill the wishes of children suffering from terminal cancer.

Pile of Smile project encourages boys and girls to create and donate their art as a deep act of compassion in support of terminally ill kids. By creating opportunities for children to contribute and alleviate the suffering of another child, we alter their view of the world, deepen their well of compassion, and make a lasting impact on their lives. Through Pile of Smile, kids are being exposed to tremendously loving and touching stories and learn the true meaning of gratitude.

(from the website)

To know more about this amazing organization and all that it has to offer, go HERE!

2015-06-11 19.06.30

2015-06-11 19.06.43

2015-06-11 19.26.24

turn up, Turn Up, TURN UP! *sike!*

2015-06-11 19.12.25

My pieces! <3

Enjoy some more photos from the evening~


Though we couldn’t stay long, the night was so much fun! I’m forever thankful for being turned on to Pile of Smile and for everything working out. I hope a ton was raised in favour of the kids the cause helps. <3

Until next time,
~je T’adore!

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