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Hi hi friends!

Woot for creativity, #paccreativechaos, & link-ups to creatively draw a portrait.

But first … let’s check in.

How’s hump day treating yah?! Of course I hope it’s grand and colorful! But whatever it is, GAMBARE! 👯✨

Let your creativity & passion pull you through! You got this. 💗💗💗

Welp! The meat & potatoes are here! Let’s talk about this portrait …

Since this is my first time linking up with the Peace & Chaos fam, let me tell you how it works ~

How Creative Chaos Works:

Creative Chaos is a monthly creative challenge that anyone can join. (Click to Tweet.)

On the first of each month I’ll share a post that describes the challenge and how to participate, as well as a few of my favourite creations from the previous challenge.

Then near the end of the month there will be a link-up that participants can use to share their creations. Keep reading ~

About My  Portrait

Just last month, I found Cole’s blog. I became excited after checking out her creative link-ups (‘cuz I’m a creep like dat! 🙌). Since I have goals for self improvement through blogging, I decided to use her creative link-ups as creative prompts to challenge myself.

tip: No matter your level or ability in art, I would HIGHLY encourage this. It’s great brain exercises for creatives!

Unfortunately, I realized I wouldn’t be able to take part. So I vowed that I would take part this month. But then I read that I’ll have to draw a portrait … 👀
oh joy ~ 😁😓

disclaimer: I loathe drawing, though it doesn’t seem that way 😇

Since I’m not getting paid for this … there goes that motivation 😹😹😹

So I had to out in my thinking cap and find motivation and creative ways to make this enjoyable for me.

Portrait Motivation & Inspiration

Things that swirled around in my head all month while considering things (YES! I typically draw & create in my head as prelim) were:

  • tattoos
  • lace
  • back piece
  • mehndi
  • color
  • more wabori (Japanese style tattoo) inspired art (check out my collaboration print with CRANK)
  • wanting to include a million lines
  • wanting to use this stunning picture I cane across while doing my Instagram Fabulous group assignment that I want to use (THANK YOU Dreamy Dwellings!)


I think that’s about it that I cared about. I didn’t figure out how to put everything together until the 9th hour. Hooray for artist block, a cluttered brain, and good ol’ procrastination to pull yah through!

But here’s my portrait!

Unfortunately, I didn’t document from start to finish. Hence my semi-start to finish comment from my daily tattoo blog. (… in case you were over there kicking it ^^)

BUT I did get to snapchat some flicks.

feel free to follow me on snapchat for more tattoos, art & everyday goofiness | @ipukekawaii

A MILLION THANKS, Cole, for hosting such an awesome link-up. I am already looking forward to next month!

Friends, Thanks for looking. I hope you enjoyed! And if you want to tap into your inner artist, I hope you’ll consider joining next month. Feel free to tell a friend about Peace & Chaos, the link-up and pay it forward all with a simple tweet! <3

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Tomorrow’s the last day of the month! You know what that means. *does happy dance*

Hopefully you’ll join me tomorrow for my monthly tattoo round-up.

Let’s keep in Touch!


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