Illustrations for Oshogatsu

Happy belated Christmas, early new year and all that jazz good people! I have taken some time away from the webs for a few good things, including planning for 2016. (yyyaaayyy!!!) I have been super introspective and plan to stay there until the first full week of the new year comes to a close. During that time, my shares here will be limited to my (complete) kawaii Kwanza challenge and some of my plans for 2016, including more on kawaii tattoos. <3 More about that later, please enjoy some Oshogatsu (Japanese New Year) tradition illustrations. =^.^= More about oshogatsu tradition and things will be available at DC KawaiiStyle on New Year’s Day. Thank you for looking~ header image credit: JAPAN THIS, an assortment of new years decorations

Oshogatsu Illustrations

Oshogatsu is my sensei’s FAVORITE time of the year. We are taking 2016 (our 6th year together) as an opportunity to become business partners and grow together. I am honored and ecstatic that she wants to go into business with ME! She is mostly responsible for a lot of my growth and business in Japan. Since it’s our first time (officially) together in business, we thought it would a great time to do something together to illustrate (literally) her favorite traditions to talk about from the holiday. You can read her oshogatsu shares about here. Here are some quick illustrations that I did for her. (three cheers for putting that $60 pen budget I had in Japan to work. *WOOT!*) Kadomatsu Kagami-mochi

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