New Year, Better Me! What Kawaii Empowerment Looks Like

O hai hai!!!! Kawaii creative friends. It’s a new year, better me and that’s the jam for 20/20. Let’s chat about it ~

New Year, Better Me!

But What Does That Even Mean?!

I’m continuing a lot of the work that I started working on in 2019 – so it’s just a continuation.

I was actually forcing myself to wake up out of depression. So a lot of the ideas and a lot of the things I did want to do are goals that I didn’t reach.

It wasn’t lack of enthusiasm, effort, or willpower. But I just wasn’t organized with efficient processes in place for better business management. All that jazz, I decided to reinvest some time into my business getting those things done.

I think I actually mentioned how I did not reach anywhere close to my six figures goal this year.

But it’s OK! It’s a new year and I hit reset on dat bih ~

pulling up with a plan of action 💪🏾✨

And I’m starting with understanding my business’ financial health & tracking my finances for this quarter.

A Recap of Wins & Woes

So here are my wins my woes of 2019 ~


  • Little INKPLAY Shop Kawaii anime Tattoo Studio + OTAKute Tattoo Collective have launched
  • I streamlined my profitable service/ product offerings based on the studio’s mission

I had to understand which parts of my day to day make money and what is for hobby. Cuz sometimes those things jumble when you’re building your empire from your creative hobbies *eek*

That understanding, I suspect, will help me in the marketing arena.

Since I do seasonal planning and offerings, streamlining my life will give a better pitch of what I have to offer throughout the year.


  • I found that my business was in financial disarray and my profits went down (we just talked about that so it’s okay)
  • I had way too many unintentional passion projects happening

Some of those things were water testers to find what I REALLY want to offer going forward. So this year, I’m saying NO to passion projects unless they can be deemed valuable – both lesson and expanding my bottom line.

2020 Wishes

  • becoming an afro Kawaii thought leader – the fusion of afro & kawaii culture can be a magical space
  • become an author – it’s a journey, lemme tell you! But I’m soon to launch my Memoir and really excited to give you updates
  • 6-figures here I come! – when planning my strategy Mike asked me da REALEST q, ever ~

What will you do with six figures once it comes in?

Well for starters, it shows proof that I am a profitable business and will give me a better understanding of creating revenue streams. Aside from that, I can clean up some debt and pay any existing back taxes so the biz & brand has a nice sparkly clean record going forward.

Oi! And my retirement plan + life insurance.

Also I have a real estate dream. A baby one … of buying a condo one day (soon) so my biz baby has an asset.

  • 501 c 3 with DC Kawaii Style – right now we are still in trademark. So it will depend on how that process goes since both ventures are rather costly
  • self-care – I’m enjoying Sunday self care & slow life. It feels really fucking good. Plus I got an Instant Pot for Christmas (a gazillion thanks Gigi <3) so I can cook for my small family; my beau and cat

I’m seeking a nice balanced solo entrepreneur life.

  • Moshi Moshi tore my tattoo tour – I’m excited about this and I can’t wait to share a lot in terms of being able to take my trade on the road

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Having a trade is the best thing ever, allowing me to take my tools on the road to visit other people, have good times with friends, catch up with family …

and still make money.

And I definitely want to connect & create with you if you want to me as your artist. Plus. I have a project coming up for DC to Japan with good friends from Black Creatives Japan. Gomen ne, I can’t tell you too much. But I can tell you that it’s going to be amazing.

All in all new year, better me means that I am pushing myself – stepping out of my little introverted comfort zone and planning to create with intention and brand for impact.

Gambare, minna
Imani (イマーニ)

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