New Painting | Hanami Over Harajuku

Hi hi friends!

I’m losing track of days because I’m hanging out in the future (in Japan haha). Anyway, I do hope you’re having a wonderful day anyway.

I thought before I shared anything from Sakura Matsuri or Cherry Blast, I’d give a close-up of my recent painting, Hanami Over Harajuku.

Pop quiz: Do you know why I named it that?!

It’s a-ok if you don’t. Maybe I’ll tell you later … and maybe I won’t 😛

Anywhoo~ This piece was done for Art Whino’s art curation of Cherry Blast. In case you aren’t hip to the event, you can check it out here along with my full installation from last year.

I was super engrossed in this piece. It was fun AND I had to make a super tight deadline. So there aren’t many progress shots. My apologies. But I have plenty detail shots. YEAH!

Here’s where I started my concept.

the game plan ~
I really enjoyed doing the Takeshita Dori archway
Wait! There’s no banner in the sketch! But that’s because I added a banner much later in life >.<
kira kira eyes ^^


So sorry for the horrible lighting. >.<


I was responsible and adulated to the max! I only missed my call date by ONE day >.<

Seriously, I hope to do better at things like that in the future. I don’t want to be the procrastinating artist no one wants to work with.

But that’s it! I hope you enjoyed!

The next post is a full recap of all the cherry blossom events centred around DC’S Sakura Matsuri.

It’s only in a few hours so I do hope you’ll return. Thanks for looking.


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