Networking + Breaking Out of Comfort Zones with Chika-sensei

Hi friends and happy Saturday!

Today is just a quick thought of being proud. ^^ Yah know … that feeling of a small victory. This is one of those. 😀

But before getting to the meat & potatoes of this post let me take a moment to say happy birthday to my better business half, Chika!

2016-07-11 18.05.49

I’m super proud of her as building business has been extremely uncomfortable for us both but we’re breaking out of our comfort zones and supporting each other the best we can.

2016-06-21 17.45.31

Chika is definitely another close friend/ business partner who is the epitome of kawaii empowerment. I’ll definitely be sharing more about kawaii and kawaii empowerment soon enough!

I hope you’ll stay tuned <3

Let me just say that these past few Wednesdays (my day off) have been productively GREAT! And all this hard work has sent me to the chiropractor. ((orz))

Tattooed & Employed(and goofing off at PowHER chiropractic)

As many of you know, I am now branding my creative atelier and DC’s first (probably only LOL) kawaii culture hub, Little INKPLAY Shop.

Along with my duties for personal branding, I am also partner and creative director for the co-branded space, SCETA Japan Center (where my studio is housed).

2016-04-30 20.02.59

We have decided that for the sake of co-branding, growing both our babies, we should help and encourage each other as much as we can. 😀

That also means in learning things about networking and marketing.

You see, Chika and I are both naturally shy. We’re both introverts of another kind (haha) and it takes a lot for us to break out of our comfort zones. But these days, we do our best and do it together!

To get the ball rolling, last week we attended the creative connects networking happy hour. See how excited we are to be out and about … and snapchatting as usual LOL

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Me, I thought if it’s too much … there’s always liquor. Chika found comfort in Pokemon GO. (I promise we’re a pair. haha)

BUT … to our surprise it wasn’t too bad. We both gave out plenty business cards, had our photos taken, and even made some possible leads.

Our friend (and supporter) Anton came and we were both in awe of how he just jumped right into talking to people. LOL But soon enough he started bringing the people to us. ^^

(Thanks for the positive vibes Anton!!! We love you ~)

So! We’re off to a great start for learning how to connect with people and break out of our comfort zones. Hopefully this won’t be the last that you’ll hear of us busting’ loose! <3 <3 <3

Happy Saturday from your kawaii creative dream team <3

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