Neko Ninja + Touchdown in Japan + My Air BnB Review

Hi かわいい+ creative family,

This is just a quick check-in post before I hit the sheets ~

in my super fresh Air BnB stay. ^.^

Sometimes when fatigue hits, I forget to communicate in the simplest forms to some important people. So I’m also using this post to take the time to check in with EVERYONE at once.

So here’s my ‘just arrived’ check-list of what I normally have to check-in with my beau (& some others) about while on travel.

✓ Safe

yes! no freak accidents and thankfully not much happens around these parts
but I never let my guard down

✓ Fed

sho’nuff and I think I love this little run down spot I found this eve ><

✓ Ready for Bed

damn right! it’s 11:43P and I’ve been up since 4AM … yesterday!
now if my body will just melt away so I can rest. That’d be heaven ^.^

I also had a brilliant idea of stating to decompress what traveling to Japan looks like – planning, payment & process – and essentials that help make traveling a bit more stress free.

Bling my comments and let me know what you think ^.^

🌸Neko Ninja🌸

(-bka- Nekonin・猫忍)

People always ask me what I do on a 13 hour flight ~

Last time was a lot of drawing + movies.

This time …

I was too lazy to carry an extra carry-on.

And checked my pencils, pens and journal + kit with my luggage.

Oh man was that a bad idea. I was eternally bored and fidgety.

That was, until I found this slice of life to amuse me for a cool hour and a half.

That’s only a ripple in the pond, I know >.<

But it was an amusing one that I’d highly recommend.

history + cats + comedy + drama = SOLD!

Nekonin is a about a cat who looks like the main character’s (Kagero) missing father.

After finding a cat that resembles his father, he believed that his father became hidden with the legendary “art of change” while on a journey to discover a “Secret Scroll”.

As a cat mom, a creator of cat art, consumer of cat and cat-inspired products, and a neko-nomics enthusiast, it was hands down, THE BEST!


🌸Moshi Moshi Japan🌸

Aye yo! Tadaima ~ 🎶

I am beat! And still have quite the mission. Because now I have to get from Narita Airport (Tokyo) to Osaka … so I can let the good times roll!

So my first stop was the JR counter.

I love the suggestions for visiting.

So,e things I have done and others may be on my ‘to do’ list.

But I thought I’d share some with you, based on personal experience ~

Try Kimono wearing experience + Kitakata Ramen
Places to Go → Ueno + Asakusa, Akihabara, Odaiba, Kamakura
if you love hot spring + kokeshi, you’ll LOVE Tohoku
3:14 now. Nartia Express Train (NEXT) + Shinkansen. Will arrive in Osaka by 7:20.
made it all the the station near my stay, Dobutsuen mae – close to Tennoji zoo and Tsutenkaku ^.^
fresh INK means I’m in a slightly abunai (dangerous) neighbourhood. but what’s considered dangerous in Japan means that I’m a-ok …

I’m a black girl who stands out. with a hood aesthetic that even with my friendliest vibe, it still reads don’t fux with me.

I’ve been working on this part of me pretty much since birth. 😹

and don’t worry. the rumours are true ~

so things like this for me provide an easy, welcoming and familiar feel that equals safety.

🌸 Mini Air BnB Tour 🌸

After wandering about 30 minutes with luggage and a dying phone … I was maigo (lost)

but only a little.

I grabbed Google directions instead of continuing to follow my hosts pictures.

I think the environment’s changed since making their map a bit hard to follow >.<

here’s a snap of my block ^.^ spooky?!
a space for 3 but it’s only me ~

I am really excited about being alone. ^.^

While I am generally a loner (only exception being my beau) is the first time completely to myself since my dad passed in June. And I need it!

So I hope to take time to chillax & recharge, do some DC to Japan brand building, and hoard some kawaii goods.

Hip hip hooray for self care 💃✨

they extended the traditional entrance so foreign visitors can run around basic areas with shoes on … I still won’t tho. doesn’t feel right >.<
my little kitchenette
the bathroom set-up was hotel style but warmer …
refillable environment conscious toiletries
downstairs bed sleeps 2
and the loft sleeps 1
well that’s minimal and fancy ^.^
all in all I’m happy with this choice <3

My stay is in a convenient & (semi) touristy + working class neighbourhood, close to the subway and amenities and all of my basic needs are met … even coin laundry … and it all only cost approximately $150 for 7 days.

I ventured out for ramen to celebrate a pleasant journey + jisa boke (jet lag) 😂


great time so far but I have a question ~

Have you joined the DC to Japan KAWAII GIVE-A-WAY yet?

It ends when I return to America so don’t forget to join!

Follow my Snapchat + Instagram (@ipukekawaii) to enjoy Japan with me! ^.^

Gambare, minna
Imani (イマーニ)

Let’s keep in Touch!


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