My Melody Pop-Up Cafe

A while ago, almost two years now, I had my first King of Tattoo experience. I remember walking about seeming to be in a daze, but really … I was lost. >.< My homeboy Passo had dropped me off close to the hosting venue and I wandered around a bit to get to know the area. As I walked toward the Dainkanyama station (it’s so tiny, btw!) I spotted a My Melody pop-up cafe by Sign.

2013-10-11 17.25.32

Say whhhaaaaa~ ^^

In a rush to hop to King of Tattoo (I was already late >.<), I got to take some pics on my way past.

2013-10-12 21.09.13

2013-10-12 21.08.10 2013-10-12 21.08.22 Personally, the food wasn’t my cup of tea, but hey … the feeling was super cute so I thought I’d make it a point to circle back through or take a break from King of Tattoo and check it out. ^^ 2013-10-12 21.09.06 This guy was reading for so long that I had to come back anyway. haha~ 2013-10-12 21.09.58 2013-10-12 21.10.00 2013-10-12 21.10.12 Yeahhh soooo … Japanese obviously isn’t my first language so it took me forever to register that if I do my best and concentrate, I could understand the story. It’s not like it was dripped in kanji. 2013-10-13 21.15.24 My Melody Cafe yokoso~ but … nani tabetai ka na ?! The menu was limited and with my picky palette, I decided on a strawberry cake and raspberry ice-cream. Why?! Because I’m a f**king adult! That’s why 😀 It was so sweet that I didn’t make it too far. I needed water bad! But it was delicious so I tried to keep going. I failed, don’t worry. ((・__・)) The staff did give me a clean My Melody cup as a gift though. I am not too sure what I did to get it, but I got it so boom! ^^ 2013-10-13 21.17.15 2013-10-13 21.15.17 It was definitely too sweet (and that says a lot since Japanese sweets aren’t traditionally diabetic sweet >.<), but oishkatta yo! Gochisou~ Arigatou My Melody-chan. I don’t know that I will see another one of your pop-up cafe’s but I’m sure Japan has plenty pop-up cafe adventures that I will be able to enjoy in the future. I’ll start listing the ones I want to visit as I travel … maybe. We’ll see how committed I am. haha Until next time~ (not too long from now 😜) cropped-Untitled-3.gif

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