Planning My First {BIG} Kawaii Event during Katsucon| Kawaii Kickback & Art Party

Hi friends!

OMG! Things are exciting on the kawaii front for DC!!! 2015 was great for bringing kawaii to DC and 2016 is already showing its hand, in an empowering way!

This weekend Art Whino teams up with us – DC KawaiiStyle community and #supportLIPS Fund Project to present a Kawaii Kickback & Art Party | the Katsucon Edition.


Art Whino’s G40 Art Summit, 2014

I was extremely surprised and honored (to say the least) when I got the text from Shane, Art Whino’s owner, offering me a HUGE space with a challenge of filling it up with 700+ people … kawaii lovers and interests, alike. But WHOAH! I haven’t even done an event that touches 100 people yet. haha

・・・slow down ・・・>>.<<

If you’re not familiar with Art Whino feel free to peruse my tattoo and art のこと. The gallery is referenced there a LOT from past events and creative adventures.

He thought it was doable because (unknown to me) the past couple events I have hosted as an off grounds meet-up during Katsucon were extremely successful. (Hooray for just wanting to do something fun and nice!) So he thought it would be easy peasy. SIIIKKKKEEE Shane. That’s hard as balls >.<

After some brainstorming,  we were able to get it together and even jotted some goals for the future, should this party be successful.

I’m STOKED that Art Whino has now joined the fold in helping spread the spirit of Kawaii further introducing it to the DC area.

Justthe Two of Us

So it’s just two main heads who try to help the kawaii venture along in DC. That’s Terra and myself. Of course TeamLIPS is full steam ahead with supporting kawaii. TRUST! They are indeed about that life. *duck lips and head nod* BUT the everyday occurrences and follow-ups are the sole responsibilities of Terra and myself.

11156295_10204093562524784_7406976421911404229_n copy

Towson’s Family Day & Tattoo Expo, 2014

We’re still finding our balance in working together. Since I am a creative though. So when things like event idea happen, ideas rush in, my mind gets cluttered and I forget to communicate things needed, expected, or even a simple timeline, let alone delegating responsibilities. But I’m working on it!

I am happy that as soon as I settled up with Shane, I remembered to message her to see what we can do, within our means, to make this happen and plan accordingly. (THANK YOU always for being patient with me Terra. #thugtears boo bew~)

I am dead serious that we are dedicated to finding a way to stay this course together and not short circuiting! So pats on the back to us both and our growth in learning our best work flow. <3

AnEffort from Friends

I had to pull together resources of friends and communities – past, present, and future. haha


Art Whino’s G40 Art Summit, 2014

What better time to practice leading by example and learn better ways of strengthening relationships and supporting those who support you than now, right?! So here’s a list of the folks I called upon.

  • Live Painting | Lyric Piano, we met through a mutual friend, Minna
  • DJ Sound Set | JANDRO, one of my regular tattoo customers (we’re working on his sleeve soon! <3)
  • Kawaii Cake & Sweets Treats | Jordan Spooner Cakes, Spoony also sponsored DC KawaiiStyle’s first tea party
  • Major Community Sponsorship | Otakus & Geeks, my first (and forever) blogging family
  • Minor Community Sponsorship | Geek Girl Brunch DC, I’ll be retiring as a DC Chapter officer soon to focus on efforts of better connecting kawaii with the DC community and growing #KAWAIIindaHood

LootbagSponsors Near & Far

Terra ROCKED this. I have no idea what’s coming up for the lootbags, aside from business cards, a few #supportLIPS give-a-ways and things from Art Whino.

2015-06-06 14.01.54 copy

Snack gifts @ International Lolita Day, 2015

Knowing that things are coming from all over the US and that people want to support our efforts truly makes me tingly all over though. This will be a surprise for EVERYONE, including me haha) but the first 20 people to stop by won’t be disappointed, for sure! <3

THANK YOU to all sponsors. I may not know you but my heart does. THANK YOU~ ;__;

The party is free and open to the public, so if you’ll be at Katsucon … or in the area (you don’t need a Katsucon badge), please stop by! It’s going to be a colourful time <3

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