Kawaii Playdate with London Tattooer, Mort

“I didn’t choose the kawaii life, the kawaii life chose me~” Hi everyone! Though I have a few announcements and all that jazz (#staytuned~ fufufu), as things come down the pipeline for #supportLIPS fund relaunch, especially, I am definitely trying to keep up on my Tattoo Tuesday shares. I sincerely had something else planned to share, but I thought going down memory lane from a bit more recent time would be fitting this week. Mort is a fellow tattoo artist and kawaii lover just like me! We share dreams of working in Japan, tattooing and being all kawaii … except, she’s far across the pond in the UK. *cries because all of my awesome friends are scattered around the world* She loves birds (I already mentioned that >.<), which is why I thought this would be a fitting share, as my #INKPLAY report this week is of a quetzal tattoo. Keep reading~

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