More Than A Tattoo: 3 Essential Parts to a COMPLETE Tattoo Process

Hi yah かわいい creative family!

Of course, you know I’m here for some tattoo talk. 

This week I’m sharing what a COMPLETE tattoo process looks like.


Yup! You read it right.

Because most people don’t realize it’s not all one process, to get tattooed. But a series of three ~

1. Consultation

2. Conceptualization

3. Application

It all sounds silly right now but let me put this into perspective for you <3

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Here’s where we have a conversation about your idea and expectations. What do you want, how much do you want to spend, where do you want to get it?

It’ll be your job to connect me to your vision.

As the artist, it’ll be my job to take that information and translate into tattoo –

looking at your skin,  visualizing your idea + placement, color vs black & grey or best of both wolds, and how to make your concept special to you ONLY!

We’ll also be able to exchange information about health, how long the tattoo will take, expectations of the day and all that goodness.

You can book a tattoo consultation with me ANY TIME to discuss your ideas and maybe …

proceed to a tattoo appointment.


Next comes creating your idea.

This happens a number of ways and we artists dictate this process.

Me – I address my quirky process at each consultation sharing options of how to get the thing done!

Sometimes, I can create one image and place it. But this is my least favorite way to work – even for mehndi/ ornamental work.

Another way I work is freehand. Which includes me taking out my favorite brush pens (hope you’re not ticklish) and drawing directly on the skin.

But my absolute favorite way to work is in pieces ~

drawing the different components, placing them on the canvas (your skin), and free-handing the flow or movement so it fits to your body. Like fitting you for your dream wedding dress or a tux. ^.^

Last but not least ~

Doing the tattoo <3

Of course, THIS is the process everyone tends to skip to but clearly it’s more than a tattoo.

This is where you get to lay back and chillax, embracing the pain and releasing it with every stroke of the needle. And everything we’ve discussed moves from theory to real life.

And a great way to it’s beyond a success is if I start admiring my own work. ^.^ I make this weird squealing noise when my work excites me (on and off skin) and strive for that for myself in EVERY TATTOO.

So yeah …

That’s a COMPLETE TATTOO PROCESS and should be folloed, for EVERY tattoo.

See dat?!

And we JUST got to talking about the tattoo!

You agree yet that tattoo may be a bit heavier than what we’re told + sold?

Think about it.

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Gambare, minna
Love, Imani (イマーニ)

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