More Than A Tattoo: 6 Things To Put into Your Tattoo That’s NOT A Tattoo

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Excited to bring you 6 things to put into your tattoo that’s not a tattoo ^.^

Why is this important?

Well … because we never consider anything more than getting the tattoo. So as a pro, I thought I’d share some other beneficial things to consider for your first (or next) big body art piece.

So let’s dig in!

1. Research. Research. Research. and RESEARCH!

First is research!

Don’t discredit this part of life because putting the effort in here saves a lot of pain in the future . Cuz remember …

Skin is non-refundable <3

There’s a coin toss to researching to find your tattoo artist. You can NOT research (or research too little) and end up with a good artist *aye! it happens*  😅

OR ~

do TOO MUCH and can end up a feau-expert, effectively shoo’ing off mosts artists because you are now an EXPERT at tattoo … 🤦🏾‍♀️

Reasearchis a TOOL! But if not applied fairly,  it can be  a slipper slope  so research responsibly. But either way, you’ll definitely have to do research!


2. Art + Passion and Energy Exchange

Yup! there’s an energy exchange that happens in tattoo. Because it involves touch! And you’ll want to consider that for getting tattooed ~

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself what’s most important to YOU in creating a piece of body art – we’re not talking just the design and placement. But all the unspoken, yet assumed nuances ~

Because being  able to read the unspoken communication from facial expressions to body language is all a part of making the art.


3. Communication + Being in Good Hands

It’s funny! Most people don’t assume that a tattoo experience as a relationship. BUT IT IS A LEGIT RELATIONSHIP.

A give and take. An exchange of ideas, energy (that again!), and a whole lotta honesty <3

And there should be criteria for deeming whether you’re in good hands ~

My favorite criteria to date is that we shouldn’t be whack.
But likable and cool. You ain’t hear it from me, tho 😹


4. Patience, Because It’s More Than a Fleeting Feeling

Look – tattoo is not fly by night and far more than a fleeting moment.

Sometimes mental and physical don’t align. And regardless of how bad we want to make a tattoo at that moment …

Yah just gotta have PATIENCE. It’s imperative.

Slowing down to consider your idea, the time it will take and going with the flow, just is what it is sometimes. And it’s always better to go with the grain than against it ^.^


5. Tattoo Placement Can Be Ritualistic

 There’s power in placement!

Simply put placement has meaning and strong value based on the tattoo concept & meaning.

And there’s a thought process that should always go behind tattoo placement <3 And I won’t lie ~

You’ll probably want to have a chat to dig deep, after that 🤷🏾‍♀️


6. Decide What Is Important TO YOU!

Last but not least, it’s YOUR body so you’ll want to decid what’s important to you ~

With ALL the information given, the biggest gem that I can leave you with as you set out on your research is to decide what is most important too YOU.

Tattoo is a personal rite of passage, a spiritual journey, and a solo one – guided by your artist of choice! 

We’re all individuals.
And so is your tattoo journey.

tattoo talk with Imani K Brown

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