Monthly Tattoo Round-Up | March 2016

Hi friends, family, dreamers and go getters, old and new!!! 💗💗💗

Your friendly tattoo artist here … just breezing through with my monthly tattoo round-up.

Imani K. Brown
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It’s going to be a new month soon! So I hope you’re organising and planning to successfully crush goals! ^^

Of course it means more organising for me, so be sure to stay tuned for my monthly creative workflow, tomorrow 😀

I’m happy to share that I was able to reach a big personal goal of participating in a creative link-up.

Please feel free to check it out!

#paccreativechaos monthly link-up | draw a portrait
I will also have a VERY special announcement and something super special for #INKPLAY family. So please #staytuned ~

Today though … you already know what it is! But before we start, let’s share in some resounding Gambare cheers for someone else to reach their dreams & goals.

Remember … someone is rooting for you to touch your dreams so let’s always pay it forward!

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Monthly tattoo round-up of work by Imani K. Brown
Monthly tattoo round-up of work by Imani K. Brown
If you’re just joining me for round-ups of my work, please feel free to check out January and February here. Now to the meat & potatoes!

Last month I shared that February wasn’t nearly as lit as January. But I’m happy to say that March is on the ☝︎*woot!* So …


♡ SmallNotes of Encouragement



♡ Returning #INKPLAY Customers

✨Spiritual Motivation Tattoo


✨A Tattoo for Strength & Steadfastness



✨She Just Missed Me

No really …. she got the itch to get tattooed! It’d been a while 💗💕


2016-03-18 20.12.09


byepoleher copy

♡ NewClients & DOPE Ideas

✨Hibiscus Cover-Up Tattoo



✨Hooty Hoo

The Most Interesting Owl in the World


✨Family Portrait Tattoo


✨God Is …

A Tattoo for Depression

check out the full story about this piece here~

✨A Tattoo for Healing


Such a sweet piece, she got it as a reminder to always protect her heart. <3

✨1/4 Sleeve | Add-On


Happy that it’s spring time, she wanted to celebrate with some of the season’s beloved.

… And right in time for cherry blossom season!!! 🌸🌸🌸💗💕✨

*sings* Happy spring y’all ~ ♪♪

♡ ContinuedProjects

Do you remember how excited I was to start this project?!

Well we JUST finished, so here’s a full update! <3

This piece was done in four 5-hour sessions.

2016-03-24 18.13.50

There was only one tattoo to incorporate on the lower arm. But we had to incorporate more existing tattoos on his upper arm.  *challenge!


tigers walking on clouds are trippy mane ~

We also had to put on for the cities! … He’s DC born, Maryland bred.

The infinity staff and headphones are for his dad. 💗

We did tulips for his mom. It’s her favorite flower. 💗

The floating hearts are for his sister and him.

We missed the back of his elbow completely! 😉

But he was not happy with the pit of his elbow. 😅


All of these were fun and extremely inspiring. What will be your next tattoo?

If you enjoyed this month’s round-up of tattoo projects, be sure to tell a friend!

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