Month at a Glance| March’s Creative Workflow

Hi friends and Happy Tuesday!

February has left us and we’re ushering in March … and Spring! *hello~ Spring time! I can’t wait*


first day of warmth & sun in DC and I run to play next to some art haha

It’s yet another not so Tattoo Tuesday haha but I hope you enjoyed February’s tattoo round-up yesterday. Those were {all} my favorites from the month but what was yours?

Creative Workflow ~

These monthly workflow posts are just my organising and (visually) seeing what I have set out before me for the month. Yup! I’m keeping on task with my organising goals, so far. Feel free to chime in with some cheers along the way, constructive criticism or just to say “heeeyyyy girl~”.

Here, I can share my goals and creative workflow with you guys and hold myself accountable (since I made my intentions public … the pressure will be on haha) But GAMBARIMASU! I will be sure to do my best.

As I do things, crush goals and clock kawaii (かわいい) achievements throughout the month, I’ll be adding link backs to the finished product.

✨ My Goals

I am a work-o-holic with a large to-do list and some times my goals have sub-goals and ripple effects. *tee hee* Blogging is a tool I will soon be able to utilise in a grand way so I have a lot to learn. It’s overwhelming to start, but I think I have a handle on my sub-goals here that I would like utilise for growing other passions and projects.

Here are some things I plan to start checking off THIS month as I get better at blogging, branding and networking. ^^

  • stick to my blogging schedule for March
  • schedule and plan for next month!
  • commit to growing my Instgram with new kawaii format
  • get active with 2 link-ups
  • start a blog series, Soulful Sundays
  • create a closed DC KawaiiStyle community kawaii interests & enthusiasts
  • kawaii tattoo colouring book work (at least start is … sheesh!)
  • start outlining interactive Tattoo blog

Let’s shout GAMBARE!

I am all about encouraging each other. So here at Gambare ipukekawaii, you a part of a community, whether it’s seen or unseen. ^^ So please keep reading for a communal accountability activity at the end of this post. Let’s work on encouraging each other through our crazy dreams and goals~ K!

So let’s hop to it with March’s workflow!

MyCreative Life

It’s crazy how I used to have to wait until spring and summer hit before being asked about themed tattoo days/ months, group shows, and other creative deeds. But these days, it’s almost a full calendar of creativity and I am more than thankful. Hooray for growth, yea?! *freeze frame high-five*

So here are the (big) creative deets for March. Other things may or may not present themselves, but I vow to focus on these first and not drive myself creatively batty. (maybe … 😅)

Private appointments banner

I am happy to announce that I will be able to bring back private #INKPLAY Tattoo appointments for April. Of course they still come with a small lunch and a Little INKPLAY Shop thank you loot bag!

If you’re interested, you can book here!

Moving on … March 16th is Art Whino’s annual Politics & Art jam session. We have to take an object from a congress person’s office and create art out of it. I chose Grosso’s DC tumblr. Why?! Uhhhh …

I put on for my city! Why the frak else would I want this as a challenge. huhuhu

Now to figure out what to do with it … creatively 💭💭💭✨😅

There’ll be more later, including my full DIY report, but please visit here for more on the event.

Ok! Moving on … to opportunities old and new.

I am happy to share that I will be presenting for #KAWAIIindaHood at this year’s Girl Con. I didn’t even know that the Girl Scouts have a local convention. This will be exciting! I will be presenting my kokeshi bookmark DIY and sharing some colouring book pages.

That and another (future) かわいい achievement for #KAWAIIindaHood is being invited back to E.L. Haynes Wellness Day. I guess efforts for more kawaii in DC are more eventful than imagined. The program was invited back by kids popular choice (ALL grade levels from elementary to high school! WHOAH! ^^)

You can read about the past presentations here and here. 😀

Inspired by a new blogging homie, Cole from Peace & Chaos, I want to try a zine this month along with working on my colouring book and some other things as I prepare for Tokyo’s Design Festa … But I don’t think time will allow.

💭 So maybe it’ll be on next month’s creative line-up. Who knows~ *shrugs shoulders*

On theBlog

I am really excited about my blogging life. I am meeting cool people doing cool things and casually sharing about it. Like … you knoowwww I did this little thing and I’ll just leave it here. It’s not amazing at all … 😳✨

Seriously?! I need to get on y’all level! So since my goals are outlined and I’m loving sharing even more each day, I have decided to challenge myself a little (just a intsy weensy bit) each month.

So I hope you’ll stay around for my crazy blogging adventures/ dreams/ achievements presented through a kawaii filter. ^^

Soulful SundaysIG

This month, I decided to start a weekly series, Soulful Sundays (thanks for the title Chico!!!).

In short let’s take a moment to celebrate blacks (near and far, known and unknown) for their beautiful contributions to tattoo and kawaii & otaku culture.

I plan to write a full post (for later this week) that shares what this series is all about and outlines for what’s to come as well as link backs from each months features.

So I think it’s safe to say that March will be pretty colourful! Woot!

Now, let’s shout GAMABRE!

Share what you want to be held accountable for in the comments and then tweet and ask your friends.

[bctt tweet=”What are some of your goals you want to be held accountable for this month?! If you share them with me, I will cheer you on! “]

I’ll check in with you … you can check in with them. And we ALL reach our marks! ^^


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