Meeting New Friends + Missing Quality Time + Design Festa

Hi かわいい + creative family ^.^

Guess who’s just leaving Japan

I had a great time running through Osaka and Tokyo, meeting new friends <3

Unfortunately  I got sick my last couple days. So I didn’t get to have a meet-up or two that I was looking forward to.

But check out the beautiful folks I got to connect with <3

🌸New Friends🌸

My main business was Blacks in Japan (and skoshi tattoo time) so here are a few faces that the inter webs and the Blacks in Japan + Black Creatives in Japan group were kind enough to put into my kawaii sphere ^.^

making new friends started over tacos at Cherry Bomb on Halloween

hooray for more quality time with Black Creatives fearless leader & half of Kurly in Kansai‘s Ayana!!!!
wwhaaaa ~ we’re naturally goofy together <3
met up with more of the creatives crew in Tokyo ^.^ These fine fellas are bout they’re business. My big bros <3 <3 <3
Friday night I got to attend the Blacks in Japan opening dinner .. so glad I did! <3
and to finally meet Youtuber, Annette <3 <3 <3 I will forever sing her praise. Check out her channel ~
I was inspired to do a soft launch of my group coaching for creatives so we can continue to build …. I wasn’t going to launch until January huhuhu

🌸Missing Other Family + Friends🌸

Some meet-ups happened and some didn’t but here’s to family and what we all got going on ^.^

why would I be in Osaka and NOT see my senpai & TNS family + my yokai sensei, Gin-chan!!!! <3 Can’t wait til next time ~
hanging with and having heart to hearts with my sister & cutie tattooer Hachi is always a super kawaii time. Love you boo <3
I got fussed at (only a little) for poor planning, but happy I got to have some quality language & culture exchange time with Yoshi-san.
Gin-chan & Yoshi-san, omiyage itsumo arigatou gozaimashita
I got sick and my body cancelled my kawaii date with Kaila 😩😷 (oops! have you grabbed a space in our kawaii give-a-way?! one day left ^.^) And Anggy flies in today … of course we’re flying in and out of 2 different airports making it difficult to meet *why universe whhhyyyyyyyy*
guess I’ll just revisit good times with some photo spam ^.^
like selfies at Shibuya scramble
and purikura in Harajuku
they’re getting ready for this weekend’s Design Festa
and I’ll be saying cheers from afar, but always sending love + light <3
if you’ll be in Tokyo this weekend, stop by! (art by Japan Lover Me sago artist, Little Miss Paintbrush
I hope you can go support in my absence. Buy all the cute things and tel them I said hiiiiii <3

Gambatte friends & always thanks for reading!

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Gambare, minna
Imani (イマーニ)

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