What’s in My Journal 2017 Kawaii + Creative Year-in-Review


Hi かわいい + creative family!

How’s 2018 treating you so far?!

After finishing my intentions, I set up my 2018 Hobonichi and now ready to roll ~

But now I can officially catalogue my 2017 Hobonichi. So I thought I’d share some kawaii + creative highlights and favorites from 2017.

Watch my full Hobonichi haul and 2017 flip through + 2018 set-up ~

🎀2017 Kawaii + Creative Highlights🎀

I am really thankful for this year’s growth and blessings. Just last year, I was labeling my blog and efforts kawaii + creative. And whoa! It’s been just that ~

I feel like everything happened so fast and all is a blur.

But thankfully, I was able to keep some precious memories to remember my journey and all that I enjoyed (or didn’t enjoy >.<) about it.

Best of all, I can see all the times I pushed beyond my comfort zone, whether I blogged it or not, for my growth and self-development. (And I can remember all my wants + dreams for 2018 huhuhu)

Please enjoy my year-in-review through my Hobonichi lens <3

Last year I purchased my second Hobonichi and dedicated myself to one year of business journaling (kawaii style, of course ^.^)
2017 intentions overview
January was intense with building out Little INKPLAY Shop
I remember so many days of thinking I should give-up and that all that I dream will be impossible …
and started using my Hobonichi to hold myself accountable for things to happen, monthly ^.^
I definitely learned the power of writing my goals
my year also wouldn’t be a success without my very best friend + beau supporting me ^.^ moving within the confines of love is a game changer!
Every month I enjoyed laying out my goals pages and reflecting on intentions for the month
and I started working seriously on social media’ing with intention
Partnerships and networking showed themselves to be a necessity for all I want to do, so not indulging in 2018 isn’t an option. You know?!
There were so many new experiences + challenges to see my way through

growth reminder ~


personal development + brand goals …
another pass (there were many) at visualizing + organizing for clear(er) vision …
So many lessons were learned in less than 14 days about Japan and what it means to me, truly ~

my dad left me here on Earth, but I know he’s watching over me proud as ever … and going forward a great deal of what I do will be for his smiles <3

my birthday has been forever changed. Thanks Dad! ^.^
I found a passion for making stickers. I still don’t know what I’m doing yet, but it’s fun haha
7 months later and we look like BFF’s
It really feels good to look over these past pages to see how much I accomplished, in real-time ~
and immortalize precious memories that you wish would never end. I got unsay and launched a blog, DC to Japan, that shares more about my dreams of being a creative in Japan. I am SO EXCITED to see how that grows ~

People have been asking about my leggings FOREVER naow … so guess what I made available to the public! (I’m also learning effective + efficient e-commerce since I want to live off of my art)

There was extensive consideration to my main dame, Ippie-chan’s character development. There’ll be so much more in 2018!

Inktober is usually the close of my year and the beginning of my planning season for the following year. These were ideas to keep me motivated to draw for 2017 Inktober … but the way my attention span is set-up LOLz

✔︎ 2018 Hobonichi

✔︎ 2018 intentions

Cheers to more goal diggin’ + growth in 2018!


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Kotoshi mo Gambarou ne!


Love, Imani (イマーニ)

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4 thoughts on “What’s in My Journal 2017 Kawaii + Creative Year-in-Review

  1. I love your journal! It really inspired me to make my own journal into a colourful, fun piece of art, too! 🙂

    1. Wow that’s awesome! ^.^ Have fun and enjoy. Feel free to swing bu sometimes and share your pages! I’m pretty new but love connecting with fellow journalers 💗💕✨

  2. I love your journel the colors are so vivid. My only problem I cant draw to save my life. Lol Do you offer a class for beginners like ME.

    1. Awww thank you so much! ^.^ This inspired me to create something to help people create their own journal 🙂 I hope you’ll hang around over time for it! ✨

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