March Goal Diggin’ + #PlanwithMe Workflow

Hi かわいい + creative family!

Sooo … it’s MARCH!

And I’m gonna start this month’s goal digging’ with …




me – the ambitious girl at 202 Creates!

And another thing ~

TATTOO TALK TUESDAY is shaping up nicely with convos every #TATTUESday (that’s Tuesday) at 10A

This month, I’m sharing more about tattoo therapy and you shouldn’t miss it!

So …

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🌸March Goal Diggin’🌸

March means SPRING!!!

And I’m jumping ship for Japan before the real work begins with DC Kawaii Style ^.^

So here’s the continuation of my 6-figures journey ~

… and a lil’ extra …

confetti lists of to-do’s ^.^

Not sure if you remember when I started returning back to basics last year.

But it has LEGIT been the best thing for clear vision of my road map, focus + taming ‘ooh shiny moments’, keeping busy work at bay and best of all …

 seeing the results CLEARLY!

🌸#planwithme March🌸

Also, I’m keeping a close eye on my overall workflow so that I can better catch myself when mishandling my calendar + causing double-bookings

That and organizing my real life against my dreams – both for tattoo rebranding + DC Kawaii Style organization builds

🌸KCC Tattoo Talk + Blog Flow🌸

I didn’t get a chance to write out this month’s intended blog flow,

but here’s the schedule so you can get excited and follow along ^.^

🗣3/5 (Tues)

IG LIVE Tattoo Talk: Tattoo Therapy, What Is It?!

📚3/11 (Mon)

Kawaii Journaling: February’s Hobonichi Flip Thru

🗣3/12 (Tues)

IG LIVE Tattoo Talk: I’m SUPPOSED to Be Here! A Story of Fate

📚3/13 (Wed)

Creativity Entrepreneurship: Becoming an International Creative

📚3/15 (Fri)

Event Report: DC Kawaii Style’s Casual Kawaii Meet: BYOB

📚3/18 (Mon)

Tattoo Talk: My Story, Part 1

🗣3/19 (Tues)

IG LIVE Tattoo Talk: DOPE Sh!T – Tattooing Japan + How to Become an International Creative

📚3/20 (Wed)

Tattoo Talk: TATTOO Q&A + Afro Kawaii Tattoo Tribe Vibes Playlist

📚3/22 (Fri)

Event Report: DC Kawaii Style at Katsucon

📚3/25 (Mon)

Tattoo Talk: Tattooing in Japan, Otsukaresama ~

🗣3/26 (Tues)

IG LIVE Tattoo Talk: DOPE Sh!T – Escapism for Mental Health + Experiencing Tattoo Culture in Japan @ King of Tattoo

📚3/27 (Wed)

Kawaii Life Round-Up: Cute Finds in Japan

📚3/29 (Fri)

Kawaii Journaling: My 2019 Journal With Me System

Alright! You know what time it is ^.^

… time to follow thru ~
Have a wonderful month!

OH yeah ~ I’ll see you on da Gram for some TATTOO TALK, right?!

Gambare, minna
Imani (イマーニ)

Let’s keep in Touch!


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24 thoughts on “March Goal Diggin’ + #PlanwithMe Workflow

  1. I write a list down as well because it keeps me organized and on task.. I don’t use stickers just a note pad and a to do list.

    1. Hey list lover!!💖💖💖 I write tomanage my anxiety and keep me on task (in a less anxious way 😹) Stickers are eye candy to (trick me) into geting interested in doing the actual work😅 ✨

  2. I’ve always wanted a tattoo, but I’m so fickle I never got one. I keep changing my mind on what to get, which probably means I don’t need one.

    1. It just means that what is in you hasn’t come forth yet to adorn your outside ^.^ That’s no biggie but if meant for you trust, you’ll know!

  3. Your blog is really cute and catches the eye. I’ve been trying to get organized around chasing my dreams as well. I think it’s all about prioritizing your time and putting in the work towards it. I hate planners, but I see now that I really need one!

    1. Thanks bunches sis 💖💫 You GOTTA get organized. You HAVE to write things down and not mentally hoard. Ever want to plan together or journal together to see your way through? PULL UP!

  4. I love your art work. I’ve fallen prey to the electronic deathtrap of planning. All of my planning continues to be done via Notes on my iPhone. I think my daughter might end up being a planner girl because she’s an artist as well.

    1. Thanks sis! OMG I tried digital planning but because it’s not actually tangible I don’t remember a thing and it’s like I never wrote it down >.< She’ll at least be a journaler but wither way it’s good company!

  5. You are organized and ready for March ! I see 3/11 is focused on journaling which reminds me of some updates I need to do.

    1. Ha! I’m organized in theory 😹 but trying to hold myself accountable for content I like to share ~ But glad this reminded you of aome updates ^.^

  6. Your blog is so cute! I’m a total planner nerd, so this was a fun read 😀 I just spent some time updating my planner today. I like stickers because my drawing isn’t the best haha

  7. What a fun way to plan your month. I really wish I was into pretty planning.

  8. I use a traditional planner to keep my life in order, and I am a legit sticker addict. I tried journaling but I can’t get the hang of the cute handwritten titles and pictures. You are an artist so that comes natural for you.

    1. Haaaa!!! I’m happy it appears that way ^.^ It doesn’t come so natural because it’s still a confined space. So it’s still far more intimidating. I tried traditional planners they’re far too linear for me so I use a compliment to the Hobonichi journal, Hobonichi weeks for saily planning 🙂

  9. Your planner is so cute. I love how creative you are with it. I use a planner too, but it is no where near as sparkly as yours.

    1. Aww thanks! I want my olanner to look like I’m sifting through theninsides of my head and I’m never pleased so always practicing my spreads. 🙂

  10. This is really cool! I have started learning how to be more organized and I have found it to be super helpful. Your blog is beautiful.

    1. Oh yay! THAT makes me extremely helpful. Organizing can be daunting but if you ever need a pal, please don’t hesitate. I love teaching it. I love helping do it. I love sharing it – so necessary for reaching (seemingly) unattainable dreams/ goals <3 Happy organizing!

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