Happy Halloween With Love, From Japan + Gudetama Give-a-Way + Top 10 Reads

Hi かわいい + Creative family,

Of course you know by now that I am in Japan and swinging thru with some love and DC to Japan top 10 reads ~

Of course, you know with that comes a bit about DC to Japan, so far ^.^

And yesterday was Halloween (why this post is late haha)

If you’ve never experienced Halloween in Japan – namely Tokyo or Osaka … this one’s for you ^.^

Enjoy ~

🌸Haloween in Japan🌸

This time of year is the best and worst for me. Easy.

I always want to go out on Halloween but well …

You see what Dotombori looks like, so well. That’s that haha

Seriously ~

My anxiety won’t let me be great.

My Halloween 2017

Somewhere in that crowd I was “lost” having a panic attack once I realized the crowd stopped moving … cuz to where sway?! 👀

The universe stepped in and said not today satan
(in all my panic attacks never have I had one in Osaka ^^ I can usually navigate)

My beau called at the EXACT moment things were rushing in.

And some (very random) black guy spotted me in a corner as he was kicking it with hos folks.
He kindly told me how to get out of the crowd and kept saying “hang in there” so I did …
I made it to my destination, slowly speech + vocabulary started coming back and all was well –

it definitely got better way before it could get worse.

Very thankful ~

All that madness aside, the scramble crossing at Shibuya was poppin’

But way more crowded.

Also I was 5 hours away … 3 hours, by Shinkansen.

No worries though, the homie, Blue Lion Tokyo got us covered with his mobile photo booth ^.^

If you enjoy these, please check out his full album here:

Halloween with Blue Lion Tokyo

And now that Halloween is over, I can focus on Blacks in Japan Conference this weekend.*woot*

If you’re in Japan, I hope you’ve registered and planning to join us <3

🌸DC to Japan Top 10🌸

Hooray for curated content!

Let’s start with the best ~


you don’t want to miss this! Enter on all platforms for 3 out of 4 chances to win with Gudetama ^.^

Now, come enjoy Japan with me with these reads ~

Kawaii Stationary Mail Review

I started hoarding before I left the States with a HUGE Rainbowholic Shop order …
(orZ what is my life)

Air BnB Review

I arrived and my Air BnB was so cute ~
Check out what an affordable stay in Japan looks like!

3 Suggested Kawaii Adventures

Japan makes living fun in the simplest ways – taking pictures and hoarding.
See how Japan makes life a little more colorful with these cool things to do.

A Kawaii Date with Rainbowholic + Chibi Maruko-chan Cafe

Who loves Shibi Maruko-chan? Me! And we went to eat at her cafe.

Exploring Asakusa’s Hanayashiki + Edo Street

Stroll with us through the famous neighborhood, Asakusa and visit Japan’s oldest amusement park.

✨ Meeting My Kawaii Fairy Godmother, Rainbowholic

✨ Kawaii Playdate with London Tattooer, Mort

✨ Happy Hauls + Kawaii Journaling for Coping, in Japan

✨ My 1st DC to Japan Opportunity + #supportLIPS Campaign

Happy reading until next month’s Top 10 ^.^

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Hope you’re enjoying DC to Japan ^.^

Gambare, minna
Imani (イマーニ)

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