Little INKPLAY Shop, So Far + Studio Art Party

Hi kawaii family, old & new!

Happy hump day <3 <3 <3

I’m so excited that I have been keeping up with consistent blogging for the past few weeks now. AND my inspector came and signed all of my papers. So I now have a legally operating business. Praise JAH! ^.^

Cheers to the little things, yeah?! ^^

It’s hump day, so I just wanted to give a quick photo spam update of my studio, Little INKPLAY Shop, so far! It’s been such an inspiring journey thus far. So why not let you all know where I am with this massive kawaii build yeah?! This will be the kawaii achievement of a lifetime, yeah!

🌸Kawaii Kakkoiii Otaku Art Party

*screams with excitement* Save the date and tell us you’re coming y’all! (Cuz I can tell y’all now ~)

My studio will reopen to the public soon. And I want to invite EVERYONE (all my kawaii, cool, and otaku folk) to come art, game, and geek out with my best friend and I. Let’s get the creative juju flowing in the new spot ^.^

meet your co-hosts – thing ! & thing 2 LOLz ^.^ it’s SUCH an honor to be co-hosting a fun/ creative event with my best friend, my left hand and fellow kawaii-loving creep, Darryl My first event is hosted with my best friend. do you even KNOW how powerful that is?!

let that sink in .. I’ll wait ^.^

this is a celebration of feats! so let’s recap Little INKPLAY Shop so far, shall we …

🌸Little INKPLAY Shop, So Far

I’ve learned so much about my own will and strength since starting this journey. And I am more than thankful for this road. This post is long overdue, but with good reason. 🙂

Not too sure if you remember me having to share that was no longer at my location in College Park, but I had to move from there …

So here’s where I am in my professional journey ~

my mom held my hand as I scouted a new location in the arts district in Hytattsville, MD …

after signing my lease, the landlord painted my wall blush pink as my ‘welcome’ … next is these floors! (they’re UGLY!)
while doing my inspection & insurance processes, I started working on the LIPS website … launches February 25!
a customer came to visit and was NOT ok with my door not having a doorbell and peep hole (safety concerns) … so she took matters into her own hands LOLz (thanks Misha, dear!)
Finally getting the floors did! *woot* I can’t believe it took me 2 months to make a decision about wood … >.<
THANK YOU immensely Ed & Strong Arm Floors! Can’t wait tip our next work together <3

My floors are done, I’ve journaled ALL of my feels and what’s next for Little INKPLAY Shop …

cleaning & organising to get ready for our big day together!

I’m SO excited for all of the kawaii-ness and creativity to happen in this space <3

Remember, with faith the size of a mustard seed, some elbow grease, a lot of consistency and a dash of obnoxiousness, DREAMS DO COME TRUE!

Gambare, minna
Imani (イマーニ)

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    1. Hi hi Sunita! OMG Thank you so much ^^ Journaling is the new scrapbooking 😹 If you’re ever local to the DC area, please feel free to visit 💗🌸

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