Little INKPLAY Shop So Far + Happy Anniversary + Art Shop Open!

Hi かわいい + creative family!

I thought I’d pause for the cause and give a Little INKPLAY Shop So Far update ~

Guess what, it’s been one year ALREADY!

It took a moment to stop and say happy birthday because so much was going on with the recent (and somewhat sudden) loss of my dad.

But I didn’t want to miss sharing this moment (and some photo spam) with you ~

After this, be sure to check out the full art retrospective, here.

🌸 LIPS So Far

Exciting things have happened and tattoo is now a part of my FULL studio offerings ~

can you feel my happiness?!

PG County, MD legislation was approved late March and I changed my licenses immediately to say such fun and creative things!

… well isn’t that magical …

studio friends <3

🌸Let’s Celebrate!

Part of my June goals was organising and launching my art shop.

So, I decided to celebrate by making that happen the last week of LIPS’ birthday month.

And … It opens today. I’m so excited!

Shop and show your support. Plus I send free thank you goodies with every order.


Paint Your Day Bright hand but emoji stickers

And don’t be shy!

Feel free to tell me what you’d like to see more of there as I grow!

🌸1 Year, Already!

Now that you know how we’re celebrating, let’s get to some photo spam ~

creative mornings happen EVERY morning at LIPS

This has been a journey in one year – from dreaming to severing business-ships and emergency moves, I have definitely learned the tough skin I am made of.

hi Hyattsville Arts District

Grow through what you go through … and enjoy the journey!

creating my universe ^.^
featuring kawaii original characters that dance in my head ☁️

and sharing kawaii + creativity, through art outreach …

in and out of the studio! ( 👋👋👋 Kawaii in da Hood)

More important, I wouldn’t have made this milestone without you.


the customer is God
~Japanese saying

Gambarimasu! 💪✨

Don’t forget to stop by LIPS’ for the
full kawaii + creative one year retrospective

Gambare, minna
Imani (イマーニ)

Let’s keep in Touch!


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