Little INKPLAY Shop, So Far + Website Launch + Intro to Kawaii

Hi kawaii + creative family ~

I have such exciting news about Little INKPLAY Shop … So far!

Can you believe it! Little INKPLAY Shop is NOW OPEN FOR BUSINESS! <3, <3, <3

To celebrate, Little INKPLAY Shop‘s website launches TODAY! Please stop by … leave comments. I’d love to know what readers, fans, family and friends and looking forward to most ~

Kawaii + creative workshops (I like calling them artshops, personally) launch this summer. I’m so excited ~

I am still fine tuning visuals (👋👋👋 OCD’s 😭😹) but wanted to take you guys on a tour of what the studio loos like so far. But first …

I can’t wait to tell you about how my weekend started. It’s a lot and I’m still decompressing but I am eternally thankful to my General Store Inc. family and Kokayi for including me in such a huge deal of a creative talk. I learned a lot about myself and my creative Zag … that I’d never considered. BUT that’s for another post. (*cough* tomorrow *cough*)

Also do you remember my Creative Black Business Mastermind group?!

Well, doors are still open and masterminding starts bright and early Thursday March 9.

So, if you’re still interested … get the now and join the mastermind!

Ok! Now that’s all done. Let’s tour LIPS, shall we ~

✨Little INKPLAY Shop, So Far

Yokoso! Gotta work on this outside presentation ~.^
still working on my OCD hangings and things … slowly ~
I love how the hallway came together ^.^
getting’ kawaii + creative all day baby!
books are organised by kawaii・cool・illustration・Tezuka・cool Japan・art reference・self care
just hanging out …
art + friends
my drafting table = favorite thing here
the party corner
… and my messy journaling space ← keep your judgement 😛
squad’s all here! … hi ~ I’m the kawaii otaku girl in our creative crew
I haven’t set studio hours yet, but if the door’s open come on in! otherwise, just give a knock knock <3
Wednesday was legitimately a proud moment for me! Can’t wait to welcome you all!

✨Intro to KAWAII Workshop

My studio’s first ‘official’ workshop will be an intro to kawaii.

This event is part of Chateau de Kawaii and is a two-part workshop complete with a hands on D.I.Y. part.

Join us for a day to learn about kawaii (cute) culture – a brief history of kawaii in Japan, Japanese street fashion, everyday kawaii and our local kawaii community.

Check out all the mechanics below. And don’t forget to TELL US YOU’RE COMING.

{Event Mechanics}

Information Session, 1-3pm

Brief History of Kawaii
A Look at Kawaii

Fashion | Japanese street fashion + handmade Lolita
Lifestyle | surrounding yourself with cute!
Community | Our local kawaii community, DC KawaiiStyle

D.I.Y. Session, 4-5pm

Kawaii hair bow accessory making workshop led by Lena Ayechemi

More to look forward to → kawaii photo booth・coord contest・raffle

Be sure to register HERE & note Chateau de Kawaii’s essential dates below ^.^

One day (soon), I hope to personally welcome you to Little INKPLAY Shop ~

Gambare, minna
Imani (イマーニ)

Let’s keep in Touch!


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