Kawaii Art + Tattoo + Little INKPLAY Shop So Far

Hi かわいい + creative family!

Here’s the BEST afro Kawaii aesthetic ever!

afro kawaii ipukekawaii

And can’t wait to produce more content from my natural afro kawaii habitat haha ~

Getting ready for tonight’s manga class and thought I’d share a quick Little INKPLAY Shop So Far – the kawaii culture hub update ~

I know! There have been tons of updates lately …

But I’m so happy with how this kawaii culture hub portion is coming along. And can’t wait to soon be able to launch the official kawaii + creative corner where we’ll have oh so much fun together ~

It’s not quite all together yet.

But lemme give you the kawaii studio tour via some photo spam

Enjoy ~

🌸 LIPS So Far

Remember last week … everything looked like THIS >.<

moving in a full manga library

Welp ~

Things are changing … for the better!!!! <3

Check it out ^.^

legit looks like storage when you walk in right now >.<
got my dream hanging kit so art can happen above and not below <3
my bae is at my tattoo station <3
now for the other side …
added a corner shelf to display my kawaii sneakers, done by yours truly ^.^
excited to host small kawaii art shows here to help other young artists
and kawaii studio gifts from my beau’s mom are the best ^.^
new luggage alert! ^.^ guess who’s headed to Japan soon!!!!!
and some productive FriYAY feels!

Don’t forget!

1st Friday Manga + Anime Art Parties

is our first monthly fundraiser that incorporates kawaii + creativity.

These workshops are great for artists wanting to learn or better their skills in manga and illustration.

Be sure to grab dates to your favorite meet-ups and workshops HERE

☁🌈☁Hope to see you this year at Sakura Matsuri☁🌈☁
as always … Gambarimasu! 💪✨

PULL UP & let’s manga together ^.^

Gambare, minna
Imani (イマーニ)

Let’s keep in Touch!


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