Later Days Imposter Syndrome: A Little Self Empowerment Letter

Oh happy day kawaii creative fam. Have you ever experienced imposter syndrome?! Because while writing this book is creeped in and taken hold like a mofo! So I thought I’d share a little self empowerment ^.^

A Letter to My (Future) Self

My Letter Reads ~

Dear Imani,

As we enter 2020, KNOW that you got this!!!

Remember the strength you’re embedded with – a gift from your ancestors.

And what is rightfully yours, no man can ever lay claim to.

Be vulnerable, be caring be the light you’ve been sent here to be.

Lead with you with your heart and let logic follow.


A Coded Message

This is my 2020 letter to myself and I have things highlighted so that it reads back to me a few 🔑 reminders –

strength a gift from your ancestors is rightfully yours / be vulnerable, be the light / lead with your heart and let logic follow

And That’s That

That’s the gist of what I’m leading with for 2020 as I go forward, sharing more of my journey as a tattoo artist, creative entrepreneur, community leader, and visionary.

Again, I think this real talk process is important for ALL creatives.

I PROMISE we’ll get into that later in days – talking about what it looks like to actually have conversations with yourself.

But if you already have real talks with yourself, please feel free to leave a comment. Let me know how you actually how your greeting 2020 and what conversations you have with yourself.

Gambare, minna
Imani (イマーニ)

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