Kids Art Class + Pokemon GO + Playing Catch-Up

Hi friends old and new!

It’s certainly been a while, right?!

Well, it has been with good reason! ^^ This past April I opened my private tattoo studio & kawaii culture hub, Little INKPLAY Shop.

June 12 (my birthday) was our grand opening and it was fantatstic! I also launched my tattoo blog, HELLO #TATTUESday. There’ll be far more about that in a forthcoming post. But until then, please feel free to stop by! (I like visitors) 💗💕✨

✨The Catch-Up Game

There’s so much to catch you up on, including #KAWAIIindaHood turning one, my new position as creative director of SCETA Japan Center, DC KawaiiStyle meet-ups, my recent (May 2016) trip to Japan, translations, and random photo dumps (of course 😅).

I promise to do my best but please be patient with me.

✨Cartooing Class

Today I just wanted to share my adventures in teaching this past July. ^^

My dream is to open my studio for regular arts and crafts classes soon.

My goal will be to teach about Japanese and kawaii culture through art. I want it to be interactive, all ages classes where we can connect with and indulge in Japanese culture through art.

Sounds magnificent, but I still have some field work/ research to do before attempting this on my own.

I’ve been blessed with really great opportunities to do some fun and creative work with #KAWAIIindaHood. The word is (slowly but surely) spreading in my local area (how exciting right!) and I was scouted to teach. 👯✨

I accepted a temporary position (only 2 weeks) at PG Community College teaching a cartooning and comic book heroes class. Not exactly my specific arena, but I knew I could rock it. And so WE did!


class supplies
sketch book warm-ups

Warm-up sketches included creating a cartoon character from a combination of three random words ~

  1. animal – cat or dog
  2. good or bad – super hero | super villain
  3. occupation- ice cream man | cupcake baker |rockstar
she finished early and decided to doodle letters
“Beauty Queen” w.i.p. – she finished early and decided to doodle letters

Later in the day, students broke off into 2 groups after brainstorming for what will be their comic.

Since their stories were based off Star Wars (ALL Star Wars fans in this class haha) they decided their groups should also be Star Wars related – Light Side & Dark Side.

The Light Side was responsible for writing the script and colouring.

The Dark Side was responsible for choosing the story’s characters and illustrating.

Dark Side doing character development
Dark Side doing character development

Have some snaps from the crew!

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who's the teacher | who's the student haha
who’s the teacher | who’s the student haha
Light Side leader x IP Brand stickers
Light Side leader x IP Brand buttons & stickers
Dark Side
Dark Side
Light Side
Light Side
*brain break* giving a student a Pokemon GO AR demo
meet America’s future cartooners <3
otsukaresama desu ~ ♡ from the North Star ♡

For more of my art and creative adventures, please visit my portfolio at
I.P. Brand Ink & Art

(emoji translation … paint your day bright! )

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