Applying Nippy Hussle’s Keys to Success to My 6 Figures Roadmap

Hi かわいい + creative family!

Happy Monday! <3 Swinging thru with some entrepreneurship stuffs ~

Sharing how I’m actively applying Nipsey Hussle’s Keys to Success to my personal professional goals *woot*

Seriously, I’ve been trying to get this post out FOREVER but thinking about my content, where to start, how to make things flow, the best content for tattoo etc. has my brain like …

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So needless to say, I’ve been all about that procrastination life here huhuhu

But we’re here now. So leggo ^.^

Keys To Success

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Applying It To The Plan

OK! here’s the thing …

I’ll be 20 years old in tattoo in August. Thas next week!

And seriously thinking WHAT does that look like for me – especially since I’ll be considered a MASTER tattoo artist *eek*

But like a lot of things, even this does NOT have a formulated right of passage. So I’m making my own! And it’s based on everything I want for myself, my family and my community <3

When I came into tattoo, I said I want to be able to retire before 60.

I also wanted each step in my career to be intentional – allowing me to secure my own and mask and then helping others.

Among other things, I also have a way I want to be remembered –

mostly honest / outgoing / happy

So definitely taking my immense love for tattoo and multiplying my approach ~

The Goals

My goals though labeled personal are truly for my professional growth.

BUT as I always say – entrepreneurship is a personal development journey like NO OTHER! ^.^

With that said here’s why I MUST reach the goals of 6 figures, becoming a thought leader and crafting a memoir –

  • push me out of my comfort zone (my introversion will be ok I promise)
  • allow me to reflect + shape/ strengthen my voice & confidence
  • secure myself financially so that I can reach back to help others

Where I Started

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I wasn’t feeling tattooing or being in this space as we approached 2019.

However it’s not only my bread and butter. But baby, I’m doing the creative work of God! (don’t argue this fact & feel. you won’t win haha)

Depressed, I needed to wake up, find my voice and tell MY story. And committed to doing just that with the help of Jamilla (PR Coach), Mike (Success Coach), my beau and of course the support of my local JFashion community & leaders.

And slowly but surely I’m doing JUST that <3

(Feel free to stop by here or my Instagram ANY TIME and lemme know how I’m doing <3)

Where I Am Now

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Not even 6 months later I’m doing much better ~

*New obsession alert* I now love recording/ watching my finances closely (that I have to monitor cuz OCD and anxiety) to better my reckless spending habits.

And also been doing a lot of public speaking about tattoo on dark skin. There’ll be more about that later huhuhu

Committed to staying focused, I started transcribing the manuscript to my memoir and thinking of my JFashion line Shoppe Gal (thank GAWD for amazing biz buds and kawaii sisters –

What To Look Forward To

OMG! Where do I start!

Here’s where my focus lies in tattoo and what’s cooking in the kitchen ~

SHOPPE GAL MEMOIR + APPAREL | focusing on creating safe spaces (in male dominated places) with aggressive feminity

OTAKUTE TATTOO Collective | the spot for blerds who love body art and the the artists who do them

And more art in general!

‘Cuz I’m Awake. I’m ALIVE. I FEEL GREAT!

And on that note I’ll leave you with this thought ~

Gambare, minna
Imani (イマーニ)

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