Meeting My Kawaii Fairy Godmother

DREAM in COLOURS ・positivity・colors・creativity・courage・ ・love・aim・inspiration・fun・believe・ ・happiness・life・kawaii・ ・passion・kindness・hope・ ・・motivation・・

~Rainbowholic’s Booklet of Dreams

Thruthfully, there are a few people in the world who call me their fairy Godmother of sorts, and while it’s a huge compliment, it’s almost a pressure >.< In turn, though, I can’t help but to call Rainbowholic my kawaii fairy godmother. Though I realise it’s a pressure filled title, she does it with great ease, just by being herself 😀 Not only that, but not too many people use kawaii as a way of empowerment and I’ve been on that ship for a while- even before recently sharing my dreams. Last year we had the chance to meet at Design Festa and this year I’m excited to stop past and lend a helping hand to my friends. But this is what our first meeting looked like. *we so silly haha*  
2014-11-09 16.39.12

2014-11-09 16.38.45

I never noticed her bow until doing this post … so cute! >.<

As a fellow dreamer and doer of kawaii empowerment, Kaila was kind enough to share my dreams and her thoughts on them here. 😀 It always feels good when others believe in your dreams just as much as you do!

2014-11-09 16.39.08
2014-11-10 01.00.35
HA! She cried?! I think I cried by default as soon as I read this. It’s true though! When you can touch others by being your sincerest self, you’re always winning!

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