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Spreading the idea of a Kawaii lifestyle to inner city youth, one program at a time.


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Recently, I was invited to take part, as a presenter, at E.L. Haynes Charter School’s Wellness Day. Excited and with time winding down, I had to settle on what I wanted to teach as I introduce the idea of kawaii lifestyle to a few groups of inner city youth & young adults. Earlier this week (in preparation), I was perusing the internet and creeping on my friends and their current efforts (sidebar: that’s how I see how everything’s going when I have nothing to say other than “hi” and when I’m too swamped with work to engage), when I came across a good friend, Kaila’s (aka RainbowholicKawaii D.I.Y. site. It’d been a while since I visited any of her project’s sites and, well … I’d completely forgot she’d done this! **sobs**Kawaii DIY

Kawaii DIYKawaii DIY

That said, after a refresher on her site, I emailed, telling her a bit about my dreams/ mission as I proceed with art presentations. Giving an oversight of inner city youth and “at risk” youth in DC, I expressed that my heart’s desire is to present the idea of an alternative lifestyle, a kawaii lifestyle, to youth who have no creative outlets.  The main reason for the email, however, was to ask if I may teach from her already outlined D.I.Y’s. The response to that email was WHOA! (meaning it was far more positive and welcoming than I could have ever imagined- yaayyyy!!!!) I was (am) SO happy that ideas and inspiration for common goals align and I was granted permission to go forth as kawaii sensei for the day. As such, I would be teaching from current D.I.Y. outline of the kawaii princess herself, Rainbowholic ^^

Yesterday (Wed, 6/18), was the big day and feeling uber kawaii, I had decided only the day before that a variation of the Kawaii Deco Domo Kun was the one! I mean … his name means “hello”. So what better way to start, right?!


Ready. Set. CRAFT!

2014-06-18 10.07.18 2014-06-18 14.29.53

We are asked not to take pictures during the classes so there aren’t many progress shots and class participation shown. However, I took every flick I could of Domo’s in progress and finished versions.

I’ll be able to share photos from the day once the school admins receive them from the photographer. For that, please stay tuned ^^

In Progress

 2014-06-18 11.33.00 2014-06-18 12.05.00

Each class being 1 hour 25 min, I prepped students in case they didn’t finish and wanted to take the project home to complete. However, to my surprise, these kids got busy … and CREATIVE!

2014-06-18 12.04.51

A Few DOMO’s of the Day

2014-06-18 16.17.07 2014-06-18 16.00.00

Ninja & Rabbit Domo Kuns *tee hee*

2014-06-18 16.00.25 2014-06-18 15.54.48

*IP Domo*
This student tried his best sewing until he got too frustrated to carry on, but he LOVED the idea of Domo cosplaying, so this is his version of Domo cosplaying as Ippie chan ^^
(but with less sewing, of course)

2014-06-18 11.53.34 2014-06-18 11.53.58

2014-06-18 16.16.15 2014-06-18 13.00.33

Left: she wanted to make clouds similar to what Rainbowholic did on hers
Right: Teacher’s & T.A.’s (teacher’s aide) even got in on the action! My first period class’s T.A. made red Domo’s for her son. She also kept them on her clipboard and carried them around for the day. About an hour later, they were joining us for luck, as well.

DOMO of the Day!

She made it reversible!!!!!!
So there’s sweet & then there’s OTT Sweet Domo …

(I kept expressing my jealousy for this idea and said I may try it myself LOL)

2014-06-18 15.53.12 2014-06-18 15.53.04

See!!!!! =^.^=

CHILLAX! We got this ^^

Not just family … FAMILY!
I had no idea that two of the shop’s closest family & supporters worked at Haynes so it was a pleasant surprise to hear family yelling from across the teacher’s lunch room “I KNOW THAT HAIR”~

And then a beautiful day working alongside a beautiful soul … Jorge, like George, yah know?!

2014-06-18 12.56.57 2014-06-18 16.48.16

2014-06-18 16.54.03 2014-06-18 16.54.10 2014-06-18 16.54.13

This gentleman is a student at Haynes. He greeted me and helped me, flawlessly, from the time I set foot on Haynes’ campus. He even came to my class and joined in. It get’s better though … He’s making a larger Domo kun at home!

To the beautiful and brilliant educators at Haynes Public Charter, the event organisers, T.A.’s … and most of all, to the STUDENTS,
Thank you for the most inspiring time- filled with culture, fun, learning, and most of all ART!
remember to paint your day bright, ALWAYS!

~je t’adore!

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