Kawaii Tattoo Give-A-Way Event, by Shoppe Gal

Hey fam!! As I bring customer appreciation to a close, I hope this kawaii tattoo GIVE-A-WAY can bring all’ brightness to your day week as something fun to look forward to!

Bet’cha don’t know I’m feeling after a GREAT customer appreciation week ~

♡ I’m awake. I’m ALIVE. I FEEL GREAT! ♡

And ready to host dis afro kawaii tattoo give-a-way event!

You ready?!

Issa Kawaii Tattoo Give-A-Way

kawaii tattoo
Kawaii Tattoo giveaway

♡ Rules + Guidelines ♡

The following rules and guidelines apply to ipukekawaii’s IG TATTOO GIVE-A-WAY event:

**MUST BE 18 to ENTER**

  1. All steps indicated in the giveaway must be completed to be eligible for the prize.
  2. There is only ONE valid entry per customer.
  3. (2) GRANDE Winners + (2) ARIGATOU Winners are selected at random.
  4. Direct messages and any other method of attempting to secure a win will result in automatic disqualification, but questions are always welcome!
  5. The winner for each category will be notified via Instagram direct message. The winner must respond within 24 hours of being notified or their entry will become null and void. In the instance a winner does not respond, a new winner will be randomly selected from all entries received.
  6. Prizes cannot be transferred to another person or exchanged for cash or other rewards.
  7. Winners must redeem their prize by booking a consultation within ONE WEEK of claiming their prize and present VALID ID at time of consultation.
  8. GRANDE winners must be able to schedule their appointment for any date September – October, 2020.
  9. The tattoo a Grande winner chooses to get inked must be Afro, Kawaii/ Anime, or Japanese-inspired and worth a MAXIMUM of $1600. Any additional costs must be paid for by the customer. Need help with estimating the price of a tattoo you want to get? Visit bit.ly/tattoopricing for assistance.
  10. Additional prizes – apparel and E-book can be redeemed at time of tattoo appointment.
  11. ARIGATOU winners will be advised of best ways to redeem prizes at time of messaging.
  12. The event is open to anyone worldwide. HOWEVER, Grande winner(s) MUST be willing and able to travel to the DC area to claim their tattoo.
  13. This event is open to all new and returning customers.
  14. Please note that this giveaway is hosted by a premium artist and time is extremely valuable. Winners who reschedule or fail to show up for their consultation will no longer be eligible for the prize of a free tattoo. In the instance the winner fails to show up for their tattoo appointment, they will be blacklisted from all future events.
  15. Prizes cannot be redeemed after the competition has been closed.

Gambatte ne, minna


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