My 2016 Preferred Tattoo Styles, YES Kawaii Is One of Them 😸🎀💕

Woot! Hi friends and happy Tattoo Tuesday! (A day I affectionately refer to as TATUESday ^^) It’s super at #supportLIPS for now. Are you reading there? If so, may I stop to ask what you enjoy here and what you would like to read more of?! I would like to make that space as fun, interactive, and of course as informative as possible! So today, I wanted to share tattoo styles I enjoyed in 2015 and would like to continue in 2016. However, before that let me share that 2016 has started off with me being a busy bee (as usual) and having some great news to share, so let’s start there! <3


SummerTattoo Tour 2016

summer tattoo-tour-banner The cities that we will be visiting are DC, Baton Rouge, Chicago, Miami, Houston, LA, NYC and Honolulu. If you’re interested in my work and would like to book, please feel free to submit your information here. I have also updated my tattoo reservations section with private appointment bookings for April, cities that I will be visiting, and availability. However, if all else fails and you have a question, just contact me! K?! ^^ I have been on my personal mission to introduce and bring more kawaii to DC (I got goals mama!). A full overview of how eventful 2015 was for bringing kawaii to DC is available right here. And boy was it eventful. I also did a personal kawaii kwanzaa challenge (told yah I have been a busy bee hehe) where I aligned my kawaii lifestyle with kwanzaa principles as I counted down to the new year. Please feel free to check it out and comment if the mood hits yah. <3 2015-06-06-16.25.56-1 Now on to the meat and potatoes of this post! ^^ I hope you enjoy ~

『The Meat & Potatoes!』

Tattoosin 2016

2015 was a great year for me actually seeing my strengths in various tattoo styles. (so thankful huhuhu) I am a versatile artist and won’t turn down most tattoo styles/ ideas, but I think it’s great to have a signature style(s) that an artist is recognised for. It helps especially when clients say things like
  • “I don’t know. You’re the artist …” or
  • “I trust you …” or even,
  • “I just want you to do you”
As much as I love my clients and truly appreciate their confidence, love, trust, and support in return, I swear that is a LOT of pressure. >.< That shared, here are tattoos that I would like to do more of in 2016. In all things, I want to continue taking over full body parts doing large intricate & involved pieces. 12376759_903690859716841_7719543428320761785_n

The year of 2016 may very well be, go big or go home! ^^

Unless it’s cute. I can’t say no to cute! 😛

Let’s start with some Otaku love <3

I don’t think there’s much narration needed here. I am a geek girl living in a kawaii world ~ So why wouldn’t I want to do super otaku tattoos, yea?! 2014-11-15 18.00.00 copy 2014-04-24 20.47.18 12274551_892082020877725_2521987400390609650_n 2015-12-13 15.15.28

Kawaii tattoos are a given, duuuhhh~

No really! I NEED more of these cool kawaii ideas in my life (and my portfolio haha). Bring me ALL the cute things to tattoo 💕 Tell a friend and let’s get this gravy train going. *choo choo~*



Japanese-inspired pieces

(traditional Japanese or pieces of it is A-ok in my book too!) 11846789_846550398764221_8158951921821307579_n 10277221_10152465903087835_1351528313749311287_n

More creative placement please!

Of course these are also Japanese-inspired pieces as well. haha 2015-11-07 18.28.32 11951592_855168767902384_5245037438355533418_o

Inspirational tattoos are great!

I think Cee-lo Green said it best “and what I believe within, I engrave it in my skin”~ 11055322_888085191277408_2337951666499545231_o 11182263_801792409906687_3110084550438961417_n 12232749_888927917859802_2726756720764261267_o

Lace, Mehndi, & Fine Lines!!!

Yup, yup! Bring me all of that! 11202806_832827300136531_6599320715445056124_n 11894594_852813028137958_8507400731939312302_o

Whimsical Tattoos Make Me Smile 😀

11728994_845160642236530_6827261006490079521_o 11167673_797924796960115_7597376498289923088_n 2014-03-31 15.01.38

Creative pieces

If nothing else, just bring your ideas! They don’t have to make sense. We can actually have fun making sense of your jumbled thoughts and giving way to creativity, together~ 12188080_884641154955145_3979874032669434135_o 12314566_899093373509923_3840012321576370568_o #INKPLAY IMG_8726 copy
Here’s to making great art with beautiful people in 2016! Meanwhile … I am also still translating this piece of goodness for English-speaking clientele. It’s one of my favorite pieces about my work being heavily Japanese-inspired. I want to be able to read it too! haha I promise to make this happen soon. Gambarimasu! 11822406_845177775568150_7781607001849632301_n
But for now, please allow me to leave you with this photo of my and Terra’s face! Why?! So you’ll want to go learn more about #supportLIPS, our cause, and how you can help … and well … because we love you! *smooch* 3960614_1431432466.2978

I hope you enjoyed my tattoo goals for the year, maybe got some ideas and thanks for looking ~

Feel free to tell a friend ~

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